Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reading. And trying to keep tidy.

Well, it's been a busy old week since we got back from Harrogate. 

 We've been helping Daughter 1 and her husband to get their house ready to sell. As you can see, they have quite a few books... a family trait. I think Granddaughter may be doomed to have the same problem - though possibly everything will be electronic by the time she has a house of her own. Certainly at the moment she's a tremendous bookworm. This may be partly because she's trying to keep out of the way of her brother's road layouts all over the floor.

If only it were possible to keep it so neat with the children around! (Daughter 1 made the middle cushion cover out of an old pair of jeans (and some white), Thimbleanna.)

And this is my ceanothus. I just love the colour. It's a bit of a nuisance because it's outgrown its space, and though I keep hacking it back after it's flowered, it grows right back again. Currently it's almost blocking the little path along to my compost heap. I have to duck underneath it with cabbage stalks and grass cuttings, and it drops lots of little bits of quite adhesive blossom on my back and in my hair as I go to and fro. Then, though I think I've brushed them off, I've always missed some and they gradually fall off in the house.

But it's such a beautiful shade of blue that I forgive it.


  1. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Lovely new header, very fresh looking.

    That baby girl is fascinating and she always looks so happy.

    More books than I have - what a surprise!

  2. Good to see that Granddaughter is a budding bookworm! As a former librarian I agree that one can never have too many books. Your blue flower is pretty - I have seen one in a friend's garden, it's such a pretty shade of blue.

  3. It all sounds, and looks, most idyllic!

  4. Aha! We're going to make quilters out of ALL the Life girls! Yay!!! DD1 has an impressive number of books. Remember how worried we were that electronic books would replace paper books -- so far, it hasn't happened -- at least for us (as in your family and mine.)

    And I was just thinking about the children playing this morning. And your post with the road markings all over the Harrogate place. I sure hope there will be strips of paper left in August -- I want to play traffic cop!!! ;-DDDD

    Ooooh, and I almost forgot -- that flower is gorgeous! I wouldn't care if it is getting too big -- I'd let it take over the whole backyard!!!

  5. I love ceanothus. (And books.) When I was a child we had one in the garden. I used to pick the flowers, wet them, rub them between my hands, and they frothed up like soap. Not sure whether it was a soap substitute. I do not think my children could tell a ceanothus from a caterpillar. Sigh.