Thursday, August 27, 2015

We're back

We have been away, housesitting in Kent. Also catsitting. Here's Tubby, who is very furry and purry and friendly and also somewhat well-covered.

And this is MC, a multicoloured lady cat, also very sociable.

And finally Whiskey, a tail with a cat attached. He decided in the end that we were all right, but doubted our motivation for a while.
It was so nice being cat servants again.

The house was part of a very grand establishment,

 near lovely beaches.

So we had a pleasant time and then after a while Daughter 2 came over from London, and she makes a good holiday even better.

We went to the Margate Turner Contemporary Art Gallery, somewhat of a blot on the landscape in our opinion but with a good café. It also had a Grayson Perry exhibition, which Daughter 2 and I found very interesting and Mr Life really didn't.

Since we came home on Tuesday I've been extremely busy with various essential activities and then tomorrow, a very special bloggy friend arrives in Edinburgh: Thimbleanna from middle America! This is the third time we've met now and I'm really looking forward to it.

Must get on...


  1. What a lovely chance to see Daughter 2......and to have some Quality Cat Time again!

  2. I agree with Jennifer...and I loved the Tate....and I love GP too..but we can't all be the same can we? Enjoy your bloggy visit.

  3. I'll have to look him up and see if I agree with you or Mr. Life! I love the kitties, especially the luxuriantly tailed one. :)

  4. I looked at his ceramics and I'm definitely with you!

  5. This new string of south coast galleries all have very good cafés attached! We like the Jerwood in Hastings very much even though the proposal to build it on a coach park on the seafront caused some grief with the local community. Glad to hear you got some hands on cat time in.

  6. Hello... after all this time! I'm so sorry to hear about your nasty burns, but delighted to hear you have grandbabies, I was blessed with twins last year and they are now 10 months old. I didn't know I could feel such love again. Hugs across the ocean ~joni

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