Saturday, December 12, 2015

Getting there...

The tree: before.

The tree: after. I expect that if I put this much effort into my own appearance, I too could look startlingly better. Or at least shinier.

And twinklier.

Mr and Mrs Elf are mildly impressed by our efforts.

I've had this glass Christmas tree box for... thirty years? Forty? It looks better without the flash from my camera.

Today's Advent present: some very useful hair clasps for Granddaughter. She has a tendency to remove her clasps and lose them, so now I can replace them, thus keeping her hair out of her eyes. She doesn't like her hair being in her eyes but hasn't yet attained the age of complete understanding of cause and effect. (Which of us has?) It's just as well that Grandson wasn't here to open the parcel. I don't think he would have been as impressed as he is with the comestible gifts.


  1. Wouldn't we all look better if someone would just take the time to decorate us.

  2. Beautiful transformation! I should have taken photos of the tree before I decorated it. I think I was too frustrated trying to get it into the stand. :)

  3. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Your tree looks lovely. Perhaps I should get someone to decorate me?

  4. What a gorgeous tree! And I love the lights around the door frame too. I bet the little ones love all this :-)

  5. Your tree is beautiful Pam! Is L leaving the ornaments alone? Or is she tempted? Evrything is so magical this time of year for a child - I wish we could remember what it felt like to be 2 or 3!

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