Tuesday, April 12, 2016


(Ah yes, a random big picture again. What are you up to, Blogger?) Nothing much is happening of any note (plumber, oven mender - both for Daughter 2's rented-out flat in Edinburgh), patchworking and quilting (both happy activities on the whole), the grandchildren (adorable, but you know, probably not quite as adorable to you as to me). So - weather. We drove along by the shore yesterday and this was happening - wind-tossed breakers.

And through the misty Queen's Park, where we noticed that you couldn't see the Pentland Hills in the distance, behind the trees.

And then through the Meadows, where the daffodils made a bright show.

And then today...

Spring seems to have retreated again. Sorry, any tourists who have unwisely decided to visit Edinburgh. Brrr. Splosh.


  1. Haha -- it's the same here. We had spring-like weather a few weeks ago, which got everyone excited and then it got cold enough to snow several days in a row. We're hoping for a warm-up by the weekend. And btw, that rain would certainly be worth the price to be in Scotland! ;-D

  2. I think it must be a world wide thing....the weather swinging back and worth. Here we have had chilly days which tell us get ready for Winter ( have you got the firewood in the shed ready etc ) then back to Autumn. It's too soon for Winter . 80% of the NZ Kiwifruit crop is yet to be picked. Ours isn't ready till May anyway, but we need the showers of rain to go away for a while. For us over the last few months it has been an exceptionally wet season.

    Love that field ( or park ) of Daffodils quite a display.
    Best Wishes to All your family, Ali.

  3. We lost our spring today too. It was supposed to be "drizzle" but turned into hard rain with some wind thrown in. Such is April!

  4. I'm just glad the cold, white "s" word has kept away (so far) - Long Island has been known to have drifts coming down in April! Almost May... almost May... (keep repeating while drinking tea...)

  5. We've been warned it might snow tonight! What happened to spring?? Lxx