Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Not Australia

Life is fairly full and I'm not complaining. There will be enough time to do nothing once we're old and doddery... not to say deceased. The little ones were here. I love to see them playing together - Grandson is the boss, or at any rate the leader. That nineteen month difference is important - at the moment.

On Monday we went to see friends over in the west of the country. This is Kilwinning Loch.

 As you can see, it was a typical Scottish summer day. We took umbrellas, just in case.

We rather liked these carved seats.

We thought of you, Thimbleanna, when we passed these sheep.

Then today we went to the Dundee Botanic Gardens with Son and Daughter-in-Law. This was in the Australian section. It looks like some sort of mallow to me, but it wasn't labelled. Anyone?

Their baby is due in about a month.

Back at their house, I looked over their garden wall. It's a nice view and presumably their little daughter will become very familiar with it. Sadly, it's a long way from here so we won't see her nearly as much as we do the other two. But, as people say, she could be in Australia.


  1. The plant is a native Hibiscus, Pam. We have three of them in our garden. On the other side of the world I think most people here were shell shocked over the Brexit thing. Can understand Scotland wanting to be independent and do their own thing.

  2. I always enjoy photos of your grandchildren, they look like such happy children.

  3. Anonymous5:51 pm

    The carved bench was rather lovely.

  4. Or, she could be in Utah, which is where my little one will be in a year. {Sniff}{Sniff} Thank you for thinking of me -- I was definitely there with you in spirit. the carved benches are fantastic!

  5. Those benches are interesting - except for that giant bug crawling up the side of the first one!
    Be happy that your family is so close. I have a little one in our family that I never get to see and they are only an hour away.

  6. As a Washingtonian, I will be very prepared for Scottish weather when I visit. ;) We get a bit of everything here.

  7. You could do much worse than being in Australia!
    The Brexit result is rather staggering! So many imponderables now!

  8. Part of me thinks that the only way to really see a grandchild often enough is to have them living with you!