Monday, July 18, 2016

The weekend

Another jolly walk with the group on Saturday, in West Lothian, from Almondell, along the aqueduct and the River Almond.

We passed Illieston House, built around the end of the 16th century. Previously there had been a hunting lodge for James II and IV on this site. Evidently James III was more interested in unmanly pursuits such as music than he was in hunting and leading his country into war. That's my kind of king.

Walking along the aqueduct was fine until...

you looked down. Argh.

A bridge over the canal was much better for the nerves.
This is the sign for Lin's Mill. William Lin died there in 1645, thus achieving the unenviable distinction of being the last person in Scotland to die of plague. He'd have been surprised, I imagine, to find out that his house was for sale recently for offers over £795,000.

The walk was about six and a half miles.

Then yesterday was Grandson's fifth birthday. The other grandparents, Nanny and Gramps, were here to celebrate, as were Son and Daughter-in-Law. Grandson looked at his cake, which had five candles plus a 5 (which was also a candle) and enquired, "Why are there six candles on my cake?" (Pedant.)

This was the cake. Grandson decorated it himself.

This was the cake that Daughter 1 made - on request - for his party with his friends. You may be able to perceive a theme.

That was a quick five years. How we love him.


  1. Wow. FIVE! How can that be already??? Make him stop!!! (But when you see him, tell him his MUCH older American friend said Happy Birthday!!!)

  2. Anonymous8:01 pm

    That time has flown by! Sweet boy.

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  4. Blogger Thickethouse.wordpress said...

    My youngest grandson turned 5 last October....Time goes by too quickly! I am not surprised you so love this little grandson of yours. He's so dear.

  5. Time flies. We hardly have time to savor the baby before he's off to kindergarten. He's obviously a stickler for precoision....He'll go far. Happy Birthday to him!

  6. Not such a stickler for precision myself apparently....

  7. Smart guy and I love the cakes! Those are long walks. I don't care for heights either.

  8. Please tell him I was held up at the lights but want to wish him a Happy Birthday anyway.