Sunday, October 16, 2016


By contrast, this is Edinburgh, with its roads running down to the sea.

Lovely though Florence and Venice are, I wouldn't like to live there. It would be very hard to be old or disabled in Venice. Wherever you walk, you need to cross bridges with steps, every few hundred yards, and the public transport is, of course, by boat, not by bus with frequent stops, as here.

I wouldn't actually like to live anywhere except Edinburgh or very near it. I do love being where I understand all the systems: how to get where I need to go, where the shops are and the quiet places to walk, such as...

this street, where we were yesterday with our walking group. It was somewhat wet, so we cancelled our proposed long walk and just wandered through the back streets of the centre of town for a couple of hours and then went for coffee.

I even like the climate. Yes, it rains sometimes but that's why Scotland is green. And we don't get extreme heat or cold. We don't get hurricanes or tornadoes.

I just like home, I suppose.


  1. Love this post. Yes, the old wanderlust takes me to places far and wide but, to quote a girl in a pair of red sparkly shoes, there's no place like home.

  2. A girl after my own is interesting and fun but home is heaven on a stick.

    1. Well, I think you know how I feel about your home too -- I would love to live there. I like the climate too (although, I might miss the snowy winters -- perhaps I should think about the Highlands LOL) I often fantasize about talking TMotH into living there for a summer in our retirement -- a girl can dream!

  3. I've always thought San Francisco, California,U.S.A. would be a terrible place to grow old. I've seen elderly couples walking those hilly streets. If I had to live another place than here (Kentucky U.S.A.) there are two places I'd have choose between: New Port, Rhode Island, U.S.A. and the other is Edinburgh. You have such wonderful places to go walking, and you present your area so beautifully that your Chamber of Commerce should pay you a salary!

  4. Perfectly stated! There are many places that I love to visit, but would NEVER want to live. California for one. Beauty can be found in most places if one looks for it, but home is home. We get rain in Western Washington too, and it is very green. I feel comfortable here, although I still want to visit Scotland. :)

  5. East, West, Home is Best....

  6. Well, I have to admit that like you, I love Scotland best.... Sorry we missed you! We loved Edinburgh, too - but I am not a city person. We were much more comfortable in the Highlands.... DH and I agreed that we would move there in a minute - if only we could find jobs! Coming home was refreshing - as you say, the familiar is most comfortable.... especially your own bed!