Monday, December 19, 2016


Just like any granny, I find our little people endlessly fascinating. Grandson spends a lot of time drawing road layouts, or - a fairly new development - railway layouts, as above. But the other day he decided to draw a picture of his mum. She was at work at the time, so his dad produced this picture of her on his phone.

And Grandson drew this.

I was surprised at the detail: eyelashes and all. He's not Michelangelo but it doesn't seem too bad for a five-year-old's first attempt at a portrait.

I went Christmas food shopping today (there will be 14 of us on Christmas Day). I was a bit worried that it wouldn't all fit in the fridge and freezer but it did, just. I had to remove some frozen plums to make room for other things, so I made a plum and apple loaf. Just as I was spooning the mixture into the tin I realised that I'd missed out the baking powder and then it occurred to me that I'd used plain flour instead of self-raising, so I put it back in the bowl and added a bit more baking powder than the recipe had suggested and gave it a good stir. I think it'll be okay. If not, I suppose it can be a base for a trifle. Or something. I had been quite pleased with my efficiency today, up till that point.


  1. Haha -- that's the way it seems to be here -- I'll be so proud of myself for getting things done and them Bam! I do something wrong or forgetful. So sad LOL.

    And how fun you'll have everyone home for Christmas this year. Lots of cooking and baking and fun. And then you can have a nap! ;-D

  2. I had trifle the other day, and it was delicious. If you have to make one, it will turn out to be a fortuitous mistake. We will have a small group here, but I'm still a bit stressed about food.

  3. Well done Little N. Your portrait is quite like a Modigliani. ( with the long neck. ) I particularly like the way he has coloured and copied her blouse/ dress.
    Season's Greeting to All Your family.

    I too have a "space for food problem," and I still find cooking for Vegetarians ( who are also trying to be Gluten Free, dairy free ,sugar free etc. ) a challenge. It's the ideas of what to make that worry me most. I can think for a couple of days but over extended time find I have to repeat dishes.
    I think I am catering for 3 vegetarians and 12 eat anything folk,( others are contributing )on Christmas Day.
    I am so looking forward to having my Grandson staying.
    Hugs Ali.

  4. Anonymous6:17 pm

    That is a fine execution of his Mum's portrait, he is a clever little chap.