Tuesday, November 28, 2017


It was a beautiful day today so Granddaughter the Eldest and I went to the Botanics to enjoy the colours and the fresh air. At this time of year the gardens are opening during the evenings for a lit-up walk, so things looked a bit different, which Granddaughter found very exciting. She's going there to see the lights with her brother and parents on Saturday - I hope the weather remains kind. "It's not going to be SaturDAY - it's going to be SaturNIGHT!" she said. "We'll be going out AFTER TEA!!"

She kept pointing out all the new things - "Big red balls - it's going to be all sparkly!"

"Look, the MOON on a tree!"

"Shiny stars on another tree."

 "And here's the SUN on a tree."

 "A pretend icicle tree!"

"Funny mirrors. I wonder if they have radios inside them to play music." Well, possibly.

"And look, pretend trees with lots of lights. It's going to be really really good!"

I hope it is, little person.


  1. Fingers crossed for good weather. Going out in the dark is so exciting at that age.

  2. Is she getting a lot taller or is it just my imagination? Those lights are going to be impressive at night. She will be thrilled! If the Scots are anything like us from the PacNW, we have all sorts of raingear for going out in anything. Otherwise we would sit inside for most of the winter. :)

  3. Anonymous6:48 pm

    She is enchanting and I agree with Margaret that she is suddenly much taller. I am sure that everyone will enjoy Saturday evening.

  4. She makes me feel that I was being very curmudgeonly when I complained that the Festive Lights trail at Kew had rather spoilt the gardens by daylight on Monday. She can see the potential. I do hope it stays dry for her.

  5. I hope she enjoyed it! I love how simple things are so magical for children.

    My husband is going to be in Edinburgh for business soon. He's never been there before. He will have a bit of free time on Dec. 9 and 10 (a weekend). I'll suggest he go to the light display at the Botanics. Is there anything he shouldn't miss while he's in town? He is an experienced world traveler and enjoys walking around by himself taking in the sights. He also likes live music. Sometimes I ask him to look for souvenirs for me (he's very bad at this, so I never hold my breath). What would be a good souvenir from Scotland?

  6. Such lovely photos...