Friday, December 15, 2017

Ten days to Christmas

We've been in London, visiting Daughter 2 and Youngest Granddaughter. We didn't do anything particular except cuddling the baby and going for walks, but it was lovely. I have lots of pictures like the one above and the one below (shawl beautifully crocheted by the other grandmother)

and this one - my lovely girls!! - (two of them, anyway) -

and here's the baby beneath the quilt I made - obligatory photo. Despite the evidence of these photos, she didn't spend much of the time asleep - though she does sleep reasonably well at night on the whole.

But, as I have said boringly often before, I hate leaving them in London. I do not like London. It's far too big, far too busy and far too far away. I'm so sad that the baby is going to grow up there. Why can't I be one of those mothers who say that they brought up their children to fly? I thought I brought ours up to live round the corner. Failure.

However, how lovely to hear from Besomom in the comments that her husband enjoyed his trip to Edinburgh (a much superior place, in my admittedly biased opinion). Thanks for telling me about his trip! I wonder why you're called Besomom? A besom in Scotland is a broom, like a witch's broom, or it can be a girl with a cheeky attitude - usually pronounced "bisom" in this case. But I'm sure neither of these meanings is relevant here.

Anyway, I must go and practise some rather tricky carols which I'm singing in a concert tomorrow. It's the second Saturday running - two different choirs - when I've sung in a carol concert. And next week I must do some shopping!


  1. Beautiful baby, it's a shame we can't decide where our kids love.

  2. She's a beautiful baby! Our children didn't settle where we lived, so when we retired, we moved close to them!

    1. Exactly... ours are 9 hours away, but probably won't stay in that location much longer... we plan to move closer to them when they settle down permanently! We have Grandchild #2 expected in the spring.

  3. Gorgeous baby and sleeping so nicely under those beautiful covers. Wow! I would love my kids to live three minutes away, as I do from my parents. It doesn't seem to be the way of the world(or jobs!) these days.

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  5. What a pretty baby your newest granddaughter is. Her quilt looks cuddly.

    I am afraid Besomom isn't very inspired. I came up with in it a desire to remain anonymous on the internet. (I'm not famous, just paranoid.) The "be" and the "so" are the first two letters of my children's names, and the mom is because I am their mom! I did google it before I used it to make sure it wasn't some awful thing in a another language or slang for something unpleasant, and it seemed safe enough. Have you been thinking of me as a broom all along?

    I live two hours from my parents and they have never forgiven me for moving away. My sisters still live near them, and all of my nieces and nephews, so they have lots of family nearby even with me away. I think my own son might never leave (his post-college plan is to move back home), but my daughter, who will begin college in September, will probably end up on the other side of the world. That's the kind of person she is, and I'm bracing myself to deal with it.

  6. Such a beautiful baby! And kept safe and warm in the lovely things her grandmothers made for her. I am beyond lucky that my children and grandchildren live very near! It was not always so.

  7. You made me laugh about bringing them up to live round the corner. I promised my mother that I would live in a house I'd earmarked as suitable on my walk to primary school. Instead I moved from north of the river to south. It might as well have been Sydney.

  8. Wishing you the merriest, most peaceful, wonderful Christmas, and a fabulous New Year!

  9. 2 clever Grandmas. A lovely baby. I presume you go to London and back by train.....I remember that being a pleasant journey.
    Wishing ALL your lovely family a Very Happy Christmas.

  10. How sad is it that I'm just now getting to this post? Youngest granddaughter is just beautiful and growing quickly. I still haven't adjusted to the idea that youngest daughter has a daughter LOL. And I agree -- Edinburgh is superior -- although, I do love London too.