Saturday, June 23, 2018


Grandson to Eldest Granddaughter [his sister]: What's that you're making out of Duplo?
Eldest Granddaughter: It's my seagull.
Grandson: I thought it could be a big barrier for my level crossing.
Eldest Granddaughter: No, it has to be a seagull, sorry.
Grandson: But it could be a barrier.
Eldest Granddaughter: I'm afraid it just IS my seagull. [Makes seagull noises.]
Grandson [as if struck by a sudden bright idea]: Maybe you could go and play with your dollies now!
Eldest Granddaughter: Not now, thanks.

[Reporting credits to their mother, Daughter 1.]


  1. Great response! :)

  2. How wonderfully polite they are to each other, and how imaginative to be able to make a Lego Duplo bird. There's no comparison with a barrier for a level crossing!

  3. Polite yet firm. She will go far.

  4. Too funny! They both have calm levels of persistence which will serve them well!

  5. They aren't always this polite!