Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Lakes again

David has been carrying around an emergency shelter in his rucksack for the past four years . (He's in the group that does serious hillwalks quite often.) But he'd never tried it out. So on Saturday evening, he decided to do so. Imagine a sort of large shower cap that pulls down to your feet. Then imagine six people - it claims to shelter six - standing together, putting this shower cap over all their heads and pulling it down. Then imagine them all falling over in a big heap.

They tried this several times, becoming more and more hysterical. They were not helped by the onlookers, who were also helpless with laughter while offering unsympathetic suggestions.

The six then decided that four would be more likely to be successful.

They weren't.

As someone pointed out, trying to put this over oneself in a force 9 gale wouldn't be any easier.

Then David put the shelter back into its bag and we played Donkey with it.

This is the view from the back garden of the house we rented. Rather good.

On Monday we had a lovely flattish walk round Buttermere.

Six miles again, but it seemed like nothing - we must be getting so fit, we told ourselves smugly.

Towards the end of the walk we could see rain approaching through a gap between the hills, so we all put on our waterproof trousers - no mean feat when you're struggling them over muddy boots and trying not to get the insides of the trousers muddy.

Then it didn't rain.

It was such a lovely weekend, with good company, lots of laughs, beautiful scenery, plentiful food, comfortable accommodation and a certain amount - surely - of acquired fitness.

PS - unlike some commenters, I don't find the lack of facilities a problem. I just don't drink much. Even when not wearing waterproof over-trousers, the whole thing would be far too difficult.


  1. beautiful..even when wet!

  2. That is gorgeous scenery. As a native Washingtonian, I have a weakness for green, trees, water and hills!! 6 miles, I'm impressed!!

  3. Very beautiful land, and you all got to see much more than people who just drive through or take boat trips...And some bits of it were rather hilarious!

  4. What great fun your group has -- they provide their own entertainment LOL! If you hadn't put the rain pants on, it would have rained, so the struggle was probably worth it. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!