Friday, October 18, 2019

Let's just ignore what's happening in the world...

And so life meanders on. We walked along to the art gallery, fortified ourselves with coffee and admired the verbena in the garden there. I do like verbena - the way it sways in the wind - but haven't yet managed to get it to survive in my garden.

Then we walked home along the river.

It's not an exciting life; but who wants excitement?

The garden still shows lots of colour, though there's so much to cut down now that autumn's here. Why did I make my small garden so labour-intensive?

Sedum is always reliable.

and this clematis flowers bravely on,

as do my many fuchsias. I love fuchsias.

On Tuesday, we went up to visit the Unbloggables. Here's bearded Son with his daughter on his back and his son on the mat in front of him. Middle Granddaughter is a dear little thing and greets us with cuddles and enthusiasm. Small Grandson is very cute.

Daughter 2 and I took the Edinburgh grandchildren to the Botanics on a lovely day.

And Littlest Granddaughter became two - TWO! - and I cobbled together a quilt for her doll's new pushchair. 

I'm still using some patches of that flag fabric that you gave me when encouraging me to start quilting, Anna!

And now I must get back to piecing the cot quilt for Daughter 2's best friend's new baby. See what you started, Anna... (How did I make that beach hut patch so crooked?)


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  2. I love those unexpected detours into new hobbies/interests. I'll say it again: you're very gifted. Beautiful grandchildren and scenery--a welcome distraction from the madman at our helm and other nasty world happenings.

  3. Your title is very good advice....Most of us are living in personal worlds which are so much better than the larger one, regardless of which country we inhabit! A beautiful garden and a delightful quilt for youngest granddaughter.

  4. Quilting is the very best way to ignore what's going on in the world and you are excelling at it! That little pushchair quilt is so cute -- isn't it fun to make little surprises for those that we love? I think middle granddaughter is at the perfect age and I'm so happy to read that she's become attached to you both. We're having such fun with our grannddaughter of the same age -- the simmplest of things fill them with delight! Can't wait to see the new cot quilt! (Speaking of which, I need to get making some myself ...)


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