Sunday, December 15, 2019

Christmas contemplations

Why is it that I'm not any more organised for Christmas than I was when I was working and unbelievably busy?

We have at least brought the Christmas quilt out, my very first one, made six years ago. It's very simple (I was doubtful of my abilities) and it wouldn't pass my quality control nowadays. Some of those corners...

And the cakes were made some time ago; three of the four have been decorated and two delivered. And I've written the cards and posted the overseas ones in time and the tree is up and partly decorated and some other things are festively adorning the rest of the house. Tomorrow all the decorations will be up and serious attention will be paid to the gift situation. But it's getting dangerously late!

This sort of thing has been happening. Big Grandson wasn't very well, hence his wee white face. Also, he wasn't very impressed at being a donkey, with no lines.

Big Granddaughter was a Wise Woman.  It's the 21st century, after all. She had a line, which she delivered with clarity and aplomb, though she had a little weep from stage fright afterwards.

It's odd being so old - though I hope to get older, at which point I shall look back and marvel at my comparative youth now. But a girl who was in my class at school has just died after suffering from dementia for many years - the second in that class to have died from dementia. Both developed it in their early to mid fifties. Both were clever girls and very nice people. Then there's my good friend Dorothy, also from that class, who was killed at 23 by a car that mounted the pavement. Because of the school that we went to, most of the class were together from the ages of 5 till we were 18, so we were a very close bunch. There's a photo of us all just before we left school, all shiny and full of plans. Quite a few of these came to fruition, but there have been tragedies too - at least one whose child died of cot death, one whose sons both died of cancer last year, one who died herself of cancer a few years ago - and I'm sure lots of the disappointments that life deals out to everyone. But also many joys. It does make one a bit thoughtful, though.

I'm very grateful to be comparatively healthy and shall now prove this by going out into the cold and dark, to push cards through the letter boxes of various neighbours.

And I am, like everyone I know, horrified at the results of our recent election. Clearly someone must have voted for Boris Johnson, so I suppose they must be happy. But I can't imagine who they are.

I maybe be back before Christmas, but in any case, season's greetings to my bloggy friends and silent readers.


  1. I'm horrified by our politics every day in the U.S. and can barely bring myself to pay attention. (which I know I MUST do!) I was surprised at BJ's overwhelming victory, as I was when DJT won here. I often find myself wondering if I am completely out of step these days, and why I can't understand HOW in the world others could vote for these people. And I also despair of their world view because they have. :( End rant. Hope Grandson is feeling better, and everything gets finished with as little stress as possible. Sending your family and you many warm wishes and my best for the holidays!!

  2. Anonymous1:25 am

    1The election result absolutely stunned me! I voted for the Green person after a lifetime of voting Tory because I very much dislike liars and chaotic people who think they are endearing.

    Just in case you don't post before Christmas, I wish you, and your delightful family, a very happy christmas and a stonking Hogmanay!

  3. I hope your oldest grandson will feel much better soon! Your first quilt is so beautiful. No one but you yourself will be so critical! Politics in the UK are very confusing for me. I really only know anything from reading blog posts and some of those have wildly different views. Our US politics are heartbreaking and I don't know if we will ever be able to save our democracy. I do not know....I graduated from high school in 1963 and many things have happened to people in my class. It does make one thoughtful, but I feel as though I am always trying to grasp the sense of time, life, and change....I wish you and all your loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  4. I can identify with classmates and longevity or the lack of it. My high school class was very small so it hits close to home when one of us is seriously ill or loses family members. I really like your Christmas quilt! Simple is good!😊

  5. Best to your grandson, and I hope he is on the mend. My heart breaks for our world, more and more each day. I absolutely agree with your thoughts about the UK election, as well as what we are experiencing here. However, as long as the world has people like you (and those who have commented here) there is hope. Merry Christmas to you!

  6. I'm having a wonderful catch-up and you always make me laugh. Judging by more blog posts, I see that you made it back from your card delivering service - in spite of your advancing age LOL! (Love that Christmas quilt!)