Thursday, January 30, 2020

Being little

Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter have been here. Look at Littlest, "hiding" under the quilt that Thimbleanna gave me some years ago, before she'd made serious attempts to get me quilting. Isn't it pretty?

The Edinburgh grandchildren are so nice with Littlest. She's getting quite tall now. You can see that I've moved tempting objects to upper shelves on my unit on the back wall, though actually she could reach those glass things on the third shelf if she wanted to.

They had an obstacle race in the garden.

Littlest joined in, though she didn't entirely grasp the concept and sometimes picked up obstacles and ran with them.

But then she got a horrible cold. Here she is, taking an unaccustomed nap and breathing her germs straight up my nose. With predictable results. But it was worth it to sit there with her in my arms as she slept.

She perked up, though, and did lots of drawing. "I dawing on table," she said, enthusiastically. Hmm, probably you shouldn't be on table, sweetiepie, but we won't let you fall off.

And now she's back in London with an ear infection. Little Grandson up north - never a good sleeper - has a nasty cold too and woke up every hour last night. Parenthood isn't easy. It whizzes past - in retrospect - but it doesn't feel like that at three in the morning.


  1. So much sweetness in that little face. I remember thinking, when my 3 sons were little and being wild, will this ever end? Sadly it ended all too fast and now they are in their 30's. Patty McDonald

  2. Parenthood is full of many ups and downs, but it's a wonderful ride. More sleep and less stress would be nice though! I'm hoping to have as many joys in grandparenthood as you have!

  3. Sorry for the terrible spam comment above. Your littlest one is so dear and I love that all your grandchildren get along so well together.

  4. Ah, you got rid of the spam comment! Yay!

  5. Anonymous4:25 pm

    I wish there were some way to magic away all the colds and ear infections for little ones. She is a sweetie, that London baby.

  6. Awww, I love seeing your babe under the quilt! And I smiled at your description of cuddling her with her cold. The same thing happened to me in December -- and my awful cold that seemed to last forever was worth every second of the cuddles. Hope you're feeling better by now!

  7. We are enjoying for quite a while, close contact with the grandchildren and their gifted infections as they are all living here! Hence my tardiness in reading blogs. The nights are a merry go round and the days long but we know we will be sad and too quiet when they have moved away from this close family involvement.

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