Thursday, May 06, 2021

So busy - as lockdown eases...

Life is full of ceaseless activity, though admittedly some of that consists of sitting watching "Location, Location, Location" while quilting butterflies on to the ice cream quilt. I've discovered, for what it's worth, that it's a bit of a waste of time quilting butterflies or anything particularly irregular on a (what's it called again?) piano keys (?) border, because it's too busy for the butterflies to show up much. We live and learn. Anyway, we went up to see Son and family again on Saturday with the Edinburgh Two and their parents. Considering they've seen so little of one another recently, the children get on very well. Here's Big Granddaughter (8) reading to Medium Granddaughter (4). So CUTE! 

Son lives in a scenic, if inconvenient (for us) area. 

We walked up to the burn

and the younger members ploutered about in it and made a dam. 

Home again, spring has definitely sprung but it's a very cold one. 

I planted this wallflower innocently, not realising that it was orange. I'll let it finish flowering but then pull it out. Sorry, but rules are rules. No orange. 

On Sunday we walked by the canal with the Edinburgh family,

saying hello to some fluffy cygnets

and enjoying the sunshine despite the chilly temperature. 

Cherry blossom time, with Big Grandson. 

On Tuesday - da DA DA! - I went up town to a real bookshop and bought some real books and had real coffee, made by someone else, in their cafe. It was so exciting. 

And then in the afternoon I went back into town and met Daughter 1 and the Edinburgh Two in the museum. Again, not something we've been able to do for ages. I love this pot and I also love the fact that it was made...

about 500 years ago and we can still look at it. I would very much like someone to give it to me for my birthday, and while they were at it they could also give me the duck-shaped foot rasp (purely for its decorative value. I have no desire to rasp my feet). Just think what a long time someone took to paint all those cranes and the twiddles in between them. I hope they enjoyed it and didn't immediately have to start on another one which was just the same. 

The children are 8 and nearly 10 now. I'm so happy that I can spend time with them before they get all grown up. 

Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter should be here in 18 days. So excited. Fingers so crossed. 



  1. I'm not a huge fan of orange myself but have mercy on those wall flowers! They set off the purple flowers so nicely. I'm SO jealous of your lovely walks....

  2. What a beautiful pot! When I see something like that, I'm not only overwhelmed by its beauty, and its age, but also by the skill those long-ago artists had - no magnifying glasses, no prescription glasses for aging eyes, no well lit studio with central heating. No medication to help elderly, arthritic hands. Just perfection as their aim. Wow!

  3. That is an incredible pot! I'm not patient or detail-oriented, so I would never finish it. How wonderful to see the family and the grandchildren. In a week and a half, I'll be holding (or chasing after) my sweet Niko. I LOVE ORANGE! Wish you could send those flowers to me. :)

  4. So strict with the no range rule....Rich's nephew wa at one time so fond of orange that he instigated an Orange Sunday rule for their family (they all had to wear something orange that day). This then translated into an Orange Sunday golf day for me and 20 or so blokes for his dad's 40th birthday. What a picture we made on a gloomy hillside above Bradford!!

    Love your pics as ever. Lxx

  5. I love that your restrictions are easing and you're able to see the distant grandchildren. We used to love visits with our older cousins and I'll bet your grandchildren do too. And I'm with Molly -- SOOO jealous of your lovely walks!!!

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