Thursday, October 07, 2021


What an uncommenty world Blogland is nowadays, and indeed how few of the blogs that I used to read still exist, alas. In several cases I'm now Facebook friends of these ex-bloggers, but I don't think that Facebook is the equal of blogging, though I do like FB as well. Ah well.  

I've uploaded these pictures from Google photos, unlike my usual habit, and I can't get them to go in the right order. I started at the bottom of the ones I wanted on Google photos, and they came backwards on to the blog, so I tried again by starting at the top and the same happened. Anyway, we've had our smaller living room sofas recovered and I've been looking at cushions, worthy of the new covers, in John Lewis, where I was horrified to find that they cost £40 or £45 each. The one above might match quite well but I'm not sure it's really my style. But hey, I thought, I can make cushions. 

For example, I like these fabrics. But it turns out that they're £35 a metre, which makes the £45 cushions seem not so bad. 

So I bought this one and will consider my options. 

We've got decorators in at the moment, which seemed like a good idea some months ago. Annoyingly, they came on Tuesday, said that they couldn't come for the next two days and then the boss left, leaving a Lithuanian chap to strip the paper as above. He worked hard and tidied up after himself but I hope they're going to be here from now on. They're doing the kitchen, a bathroom and, argh, our bedroom. 

Earlier in the year, when sorting out Stuff, I put all postcards, other cards and letters in a big box, unsorted. I am now doing the sorting and finding all sorts of things such as this card from my parents on my 40th birthday. I'm now 71. How I would love to look 40 now! - or indeed to be 40. Life is fleeting. 

That's my lovely mum's handwriting. Can't throw this away - indeed I can throw almost none of it away. It's all very nostalgic and a mixture of heartwarming and sad. 

There are lots of home-made cards, such as this from Daughter 2 when she was very small. She's mildly dyslexic but extremely nice! 

Before the decorators came (see, this is backwards) we took down all these blue plates from the back hall. I've had them more or less all our married life - they were originally acquired to hide a bumpy wall we had in the previous house, bought in 1976. Will I put them up again? Ironically, Daughter 2 (who knows such things) tells me that plates on the wall are fashionable again. 

And here's a more modern drawing, which I found around the place - Biggest Granddaughter doodled this. Rather sweet! 



  1. I like the cushion you actually bought much better than the abstract smears!

  2. It is sad when bloggers migrate to fb..even sadder when they stop and you just wonder....
    You can't wander around someone's fb like you can browse someone's older blogposts to remind yourself of something, or just have a good read

  3. I do both but much prefer blogging. FB is Margaret Lite. That mess would drive me nuts so I'm glad it got cleaned up. I have great difficulty throwing away anything personal like letters and cards. About other items I can be vicious. :)

  4. I have been extremely worried when people whose blogs I've followed or years suddenly disappear with no warning. Fortunately in both cases I had an email address and was able to get i touch. Both times I feared Covid, and fortunately I was - almost- wrong. One, we'd been an award-winning garden blogger, as well as very funny about her house restoration and general life, without warning took her blog completely off-line! It turns out they're virtually hermits in Devon and she decided that as she'd nothing to blog about she'd stop. At least I know she's Ok. The others were people in the USA, in a Trumpian area where the virus is rife, and as he has serious health issues they've been farm-bound. And dealing with health issues during USA's Covid crisis is a very expensive nightmare. However, at least I know they're (almost) Ok too.

    On the expensive fabric v: bought cushions, have you looked for off cuts? Sometime you can get lucky and got enough to do one side of two cushions, and to the other side in pseudo-velvet/silk. But, sometimes it's worth splurging for something you just LOVE. You can always eat mince for a couple of weeks to make up for it!!

    I feel your pain with the decorators in. The process is pretty ghastly, isn't it.

    1. Yes, I do look for offcuts but they're so seldom anything that suits. And yes, I too worry and certainly wonder about people whose lives you've (sort of) shared and then - woof - they fall silent.

  5. that is a very beautiful cushion ... I always make my own because I'm a tightwad and they never look as good as the bought ones. Good luck with the decorators! I never knew plates on the wall went out of fashion, oh no....

  6. I agree with K that the cushion you bought is very nice and much nicer than the smears. I think perhaps JL only does expensive fabrics these days!

  7. Cushions need not be made of upholstery fabric, I have made many out of quilting cotton. I think you could make lovely cushions - just use your one purchased as a jumping off point for choosing companion fabrics. It is really nice and I'm sure you could find some nice colors to go with it. I have NEVER hired "decorators", we have always done things up ourselves. However, when we purchased this house, we wanted the flooring replaced all over the house (it had old, dog-dirtied carpeting in an ugly brown color), so we decided to hire it painted, as well. We knew we could not reach the extra high walls, and well... we ARE a bit older... Thankfully, we had it done before we moved in! We did not have the basement painted, even though we did have all of it re-carpeted, so I painted my sewing room myself. That was more than enough for me!
    Alas, this house has so little wall space that the plates that I had on the walls of my dining room in our former house have no place to go... I kept only two that were family antiques and they are residing in a glass-fronted cabinet. Not really in view...

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  9. Oh My! That wallpaper photo is quite jarring -- I do hope the mess has been cleaned up by now. It must have been a big job to get the paper down from the high places above the stairs. I love the new cushion you chose -- it's YOU with your love for flowers. And I have a blue plate wall too -- though not with at many beautiful blue plates. XO

  10. PS I hate facebook -- it's just so ... messy. As gz mentioned, you can't wander around facebook and read about someone. I do love Instagram because I'm such a visual person, but it's harder to see all the words associated with each post. Blogs are the only way to go and I wish everyone would go back to them (said even though I'm so slack with mine). Oh, and when you said DD2 was very nice, you were just being modest. You left out all the other fitting adjectives like beautiful, smart, wonderful mummy and daughter ... (speaking of, I can't wait to see this year's advent calendar!)


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