Monday, October 17, 2022

Getting older

It's so lovely having at least one set of grandchildren near, though I can see that as they get older we won't see so much of them. Of course we want them to develop interests and have friends, and they're good company as they grow up, but on the other hand, they were cute as tiny people! I do love babies and squashy toddlers. 

Still, we do other stuff - life's full of activities, which we're lucky still to be able to take part in. On Saturday we went on a wonderful 6-mile walk around Gifford in East Lothian with our walking chums. 

It was a perfect day - mild and sunny - and miles just melt away when you're chatting. 

This is Bolton Parish Church. There's been a church here since 1240, but this one has only been around since 1809, built to accommodate 250 people. Bolton itself is a tiny village, but presumably the congregation was made up of lots of people from the surrounding rural area. Now the church is joined with a neighbouring parish and I'm sure far fewer than 250 people will be regular worshippers. Things change... .

The route was fairly flat but quite muddy in parts and in other parts it led through stubble fields, so it wasn't always terribly easy walking, so we were all ready for a sit down and a coffee once we got back to Gifford. It's a pretty little place. I imagine it's very nice to live there, though not if one wanted a lot of the facilities of a city. I don't imagine there's much public transport at night, for example. The above house dates from 1732, according to the inscription above the window in the middle of the photo. 

If you can avoid looking at the parked cars, it's easy to imagine what it was like hundreds of years ago. 

Littlest Granddaughter in London has had her fifth birthday. She wanted a science-themed party, so Daughter 2 made a science cake complete with flask, and set up various "experiments" for the children to do. Creative people don't do things by halves! 

Big Grandson, now 11, continues to spend lots of time drawing street scenes. This one is populated by polar bears modelled on his (very unrealistic) cushion/polar bear cuddly toy. In contrast, the vehicles are detailed and accurate. 

Grandchildren are so interesting. I mean, so are one's own children, but one has more time to appreciate grandchildren. 


  1. Yes, the relationships change as the children grow older, but you will still be close. You've established a strong bond. Love the cake! I continue to be amazed by Big Grandson's abilities. Wow!

  2. That boy is quite an artist! I see him as a town planner some day in the not-too-distant future!

  3. I so admire the distances that you walk. Your photos give me so much to enjoy. Thank you.

  4. Grandson has an artistic flair! I admire that his interest in towns and transportation has been constant for so many years.