Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Like an arrow

Continuing - or really restarting - my attempts to sort out bits of historical paper - I came across some photos which weren't in the right place, such as this one, of our children in about 1987. I can't quite believe that they're not still like this. They're so cute.

But elderly life continues apace and Big Granddaughter and I went to the local park. She's lovely too. 

We went on a five mile, between-the-parks, winter walk with our walking friends. Here's our horticulturist friend telling us all about the life cycle of the hazel. 

Daughter 2 is doing a woodworking course, making a stool. 

Back to the archives, here's a postcard to my brother, from my parents (well, my dad really). It says, "In this picture you can see the kind of trams they have in Sheffield. Love from Mummy and Daddy." It's clear where Big Grandson's obsession with transport comes from - though it also comes from Mr L.

And here's something that epitomises time passing: part of the editorial from the 1974 edition of the magazine of the school where I started teaching at the beginning of that school year, August 1973. Clearly the writer shared my feeling (at the time) that 2024 was an impossibly distant date at which time (if it ever came) things would be entirely different. And so they are; and so they're not.

While I'm finding it interesting to look through all these (and many other) things, I regret to say that not many of them have got thrown out yet. But some will. Definitely. Maybe tomorrow. 



  1. That's my problem too--once I look through things, I get caught up in them and nothing gets thrown out. :)

  2. Photographs are so evocative. Cute little children grow up into lovely adults and have cute little children of their own and we have the pleasure of watching them.
    Every time I try to throw something out my husband retrieves it, 'because you never know.' He's right, of course, and there are some things I managed to dispose of that I wish I hadn't.