Monday, March 20, 2023

One foot after another...

The other day we climbed one of the city's hills, which gives good views over Edinburgh. Here's another hill on the horizon - Arthur's Seat. When we've been away anywhere to the south, this familiar outline appears on the skyline and I feel with relief - ah, nearly home. 

After some lovely days, it was a bit dreary for our walk and as we descended, there were tiny flecks of snow, though these didn't last.

There was snow on the Pentland Hills south of the city, though - they're much higher. 

But then the weather warmed up and on Saturday we went on a lovely 6-mile walk near Earlston with our walking friends. 

The scenery was varied: woodland by a river,

(lots of amorous toads: this chap (chappess?) was still looking for love but many others had definitely found it),

wild garlic everywhere,

sunshine on tree trunks and swathes of snowdrops, just going over, 

and ploughed fields with rich red soil. 

It was by no means a flat walk, and we were all happy to sit down for coffee at the end. We had a wonderful day, though.

I do appreciate those who comment, though I can't reciprocate to the blogless ones, recently Patty McDonald (that sounds Scottish!) and Virginia. Hello to both!


  1. I would do the hike just for the coffee afterward! The beautiful Scottish scenery is worth the effort.

  2. Golly, I do admire you! A 6 mile walk is more than I could manage, you are a fit, active group. The coffee (and a piece of cake) would have been well deserved afterwards - or halfway AND afterwards!

  3. I'm impressed with how much further into spring your plants and flowers are considering your latitude. So nice to have a walking group.

  4. Lovely walking there.
    Our wild garlic is a little behind yours..but perhaps I am not looking in the right place!
    I see the Benns from my study when they have snow lying

  5. I have the impression, probably false, that Scotland is ahead of England as far as spring weather and flowers are concerned. That surely cannot be right!