Thursday, July 20, 2023


It's been one of those busy weeks when you can't quite remember what you've been busy with. On Saturday we went walking with the walking friends.

The weather was perfect: not too hot but very pleasant. The company was lovely.

We walked past Penicuik House, just walls since a big fire in 1899. How sad the architect would be. 

The garden flourishes.

So do the Botanic Gardens.

And also Big Grandson, who's now 12 and taller than me. This is his cake, a German ICE train. Obviously.

We were on the beach today, and he built a tunnel system for - naturally - trains. 

And so life goes on. Such a pity that I'm getting so old. I'd like to go on pottering around for ever, really. But sadly... .


  1. You're doing a great job of pottering--keep it up! The train is fabulous; my 3-year-old grandson is getting very into them lately. His parents are surprising him with a trip on Thomas the Tank Engine this Sunday. I get to ride along too! Your back yard looks like a park. It's gorgeous.

  2. Pottering about is one of my favorite things to do, especially in the garden! Your walking group sounds like a fun way to keep active too.

  3. I foresee a grand future for your grandson. I love the train cake - spectacular!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to Big Grandson! But, how can he be twelve already???