Sunday, September 24, 2023

Nice things

My lovely bloggy friend Thimbleanna was here briefly with her very nice cousin. Anna is the person responsible for my quilting - I admired her quilts and she came to visit for the first time - from the Midwest of America - to catsit for us - yes, quite - in, I think, 2010 or 11. She brought me a cutting mat (all the way from the US!), a rotary cutter, a quilting ruler and some fabric and here I am, 23 quilts later. Anna wisely likes Scotland so she's toured around quite often with various of her friends and relations and it's lovely to see her. This year she brought all the above fabric and it's quite heavy. Thank you so much, Anna!

Edinburgh's bus garage had an open day yesterday and transport-mad Big Grandson spent a very happy day there. Isn't he getting tall?

The other day, he and his sister and dad were leaving our house when his dad noticed something crawling along the floor. "It's a fly, but I think it's injured," said our son-in-law. "It's not flying."

"A walk, then," said Big Grandson.

Isn't it lovely when they're big enough to make good jokes? 


  1. What a lovely friend to have. I think she just wants to make sure you don't run out of things to do!
    I agree that it's heart-warming when children grow up and start making well-considered jokes.

  2. I follow Anna and have purchased fabric from her! She came all the way to Scotland to cat sit? We, too, love Scotland!!

  3. What a great story of connection and what it can lead to! My goodness, he is getting taller and much more grown up. Sigh.