Monday, January 15, 2024

Photos of weather and things

We have nothing exciting to report - socialising and grandparenting, but nothing of note. We're upping our walking again, trying to get fitter after not walking so much post-hip-op. My hip is... fine. No pain to speak of, slight discomfort from the wound. I can't say, though, that the flexibility has improved much. I still can't put on my right sock or cut my right toenails! I'm hoping this may come. Ah, old age. 

Anyway, we went along the river to the gallery (where we naturally had coffee) and back. 

3 and a half miles or so, and everything was fine. So that was good. 

We've had a few nice sunny days for local walks

and it's sunny today too, but COLD! (by our standards). The Met Office says it's currently 0 degrees C and will drop to -2 tonight, which is 28.4F. Cold enough! I've just had coffee with friends and we're split between those who say they prefer it to be cold and sunny and those who don't mind a bit of murk and rain as long as it's mild. I think I'm the latter, but on the other hand, out of my study window the sky is a beautiful, cloudless blue so ... maybe. 

I have the Instagram app on my phone, mainly to see Daughter 2's occasional posts, and am astonished by the sad videos put up by people about their ill children or dead husbands. I can see absolutely why they're sad. But people - mainly young women - put up films of themselves (for example) weeping on a sad anniversary. Is it cathartic for them, I wonder? Do they not want the person forgotten? - but then, most of those who see the video never knew the deceased. It's an odd thing, social media (she writes, putting up photos of her walks and drivelling on about her toenails). 


  1. I don't know how long it takes for a new hip to loosen up? John's knee replacement is still a bit stiff although he never complains so I don't know if it pains him at all. That's cold weather indeed! I like a mix of both and we usually get that. This chilly spell has lasted longer than I would like but it has come with clear skies. Many posts on social media appear to be cries for attention.

  2. It was -5 here this morning - a little warmer now at -4! There's no wind, which is a blessing, and the sun is sort of shining.
    There's a lot of over-sharing on social media, which can be quite depressing. I don't know whether it helps or hinders the sufferers, honestly.

  3. After all of the horridness of last winter, this winter has been quite mild by our standards. About a week of sub-sub 0*F and now it has been practically balmy in the 40's and 50's *F. I am trying to get walking again as well. Today my oldest grandson wanted to walk to Grandma's after school, so my dog and I walked to meet him. I walked just over a mile and while the temperature was mild, the wind was kicking up again. I also wanted to share that I have finally finished the flimsy (new vocabulary word meaning the piecework top) of a quilt that I started several years ago. I'll try to get a photo of it and post over on my blog, but don't hold your breath....