Wednesday, June 12, 2024


 For some reason, Blogger is refusing to find any photos from Google Photos, which is where I've been taking photos from for a while. I used to use Picasa but  - can't remember why - I can no longer save any photos on Picasa, so have no recent pictures there, though I can access those I already have. I wish technological young men would stop footering with things I like to use. Grr. 

I don't have any very interesting photos to show, anyway. I've been down in London visiting Daughter 2 and family. The idea was that she and her husband would go out on the Friday night while I babysat, and on the Saturday her husband was going to look after Littlest Granddaughter while D2 and I had a day out. 

However, Littlest was off school with tonsillitis last week, which meant that her parents had to take time off work to look after her, which in turn meant that they were very behind with their work. D2 had a deadline - 9 o'clock on Monday morning, Singapore time, thus 2am on Monday our time - to finish lots of drawings for a London hotel she's reconfiguring, so in fact they didn't go out on Friday and she and I didn't go out on Saturday. Indeed she had to work late into the night every night, poor crumb. I looked after Littlest - which was fine, though she would rather have had her parents and was aware that they were both working in their office in the loft bedroom. It was mostly ok, though. Then on Sunday, SIL2 took over and I tidied their rather large garden. So at least I felt useful, and D2 and I did manage the odd walk and chat. Well, quite a few chats! And she made her deadline, which was the important thing. 

Since I came home I've been working in my own garden, which, though not large, is time-consuming. I could show you lots of nice photos of foxgloves and irises and tall campanula if Blogger were co-operating, but I dare say you've seen flowers before. 


  1. Blogger did that to me a couple of posts ago...Help said I should take them directly from the computer not Google pics....which is a then you have to load singly to the form before putting a batch on the blog.
    Anyway...the post after that it worked as usual!

  2. Blogger is great until it isn't.

  3. I can only use my ChromeBook to load pictures on Blogger; for some reason my Macbook stopped being able to. No idea why. I also had to shut my phone down and restart it to download the photos. These fickle devices!

  4. I would be bereft if I couldn't use photos since they are important to illustrate my silly little stories. I hope you (or someone) can figure it out! Glad you got to spend the time in London; I'm sure you were a godsend to Daughter 2 and SIL 2.