Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas

I went up town this morning at 9 am to finish my Christmas shopping. I was up yesterday at 9 am also, and the previous Saturday, both times staying up till 2.30 pm, at which time I had to go and pick up my mum to take her to visit my dad. I am not an enthusiastic shopper.

Today, however, I was finished by 10 am. I bought three boxes of chocolates, three long rolls of wrapping paper, two orchids in glass pots, a hyacinth in bloom, a bunch of bananas, a lemon, a litre of milk, some sunflower oil spread, and a lettuce. No partridges or pear trees, but it was quite tricky not to bash the whippy orchid stems, smash the glass pots, squash the hyacinths or drop anything. While I was in the queue for the food items, balancing the delicate items with difficulty, a lady marched to the head of the queue and took her purchases to an assistant, while the law-abiding queuers just gazed at her and each other and sighed Britishly. Why did none of us say anything?

I then staggered to the bus stop and along came a man talking on a mobile phone. He had one carrier bag and was saying as he passed me, “So that’s the way to do Christmas shopping.”

Do share your secret with me, sir.

Then along came another chap, in his running gear, loping athletically along. Why choose Edinburgh’s main shopping street, two days before Christmas, for a running track? Granted, he was on the non-shop side of the road – the side where there are gardens a bit further along from where we were, and where he was presumably headed. But still. Why wasn’t he laden with shopping?

Ho hum. But still, it’s Christmas. The picture at the top isn’t of our tree, since my little camera has given up the ghost, and I didn’t take the one below either, but it’s Edinburgh, looking as it does. (I'm sorry the pictures are so tiny.I don't know why they are.)

I haven’t wrapped anything yet, but the fridge is full of food, the house is clean and decorated and my brother and his family, who live in the south of England, have reached my mum’s house safely. I feel very lucky. Happy Christmas to you all and God bless us every one!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Isabelle. It has been a real pleasure reading your blog this past year, and having you visit mine in return. I hope we can continue our cyberspace friendship through 2007, and who knows? Maybe one of us will win a lottery and be able to visit in person!
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs from Gina in Oz.

  2. christmas shopping is a chore and every year i swear i'll do it throughout the year....but, i must need that adrenaline rush or something. Enjoyed your description of shopping in Edinburg...sounds nicer than the ubiquitous malls we have here....MC Isabelle.

  3. Happy Christmas Isabelle. Now get on with that wrapping!

  4. Merry Christmas to you, Isabelle. HAve a warm and healthy holiday!

  5. ugh shopping on Princes Street right before Christmas, not fun!

    Have a lovely Christmas Isabelle

  6. Happy Christmas season!
    Look forward to your posts.

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