Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An ideal gift

Our son bought his girlfriend a gun the other day. For her rather difficult flatmate. Not a real gun. One that shoots little foam discs a few feet across the room. He then covered the label on the packet that contained the gun with this replacement one.

This is a joke, please understand. No flatmate will be injured, even in her feelings. The flatmate in question will never see this label, or even the gun, since it’s going as a Christmas present to the girlfriend’s home, which isn’t in Edinburgh.

This is the full, unfolded version. If it's too small to read, you can click it to enlarge it.
He’s also got her some more romantic gifts, you’ll be relieved to hear.


  1. You know how the bro asked what your blog was all about, and my dear sister replied "Oh, you, I expect?"


    Maybe he just does the most amusing things at the moment.

  2. I could have done with one of those a few years back with two of my non-dishwashing, non cleaning flatmates.

    fabulous present!

  3. This cracked me up, Isabelle! I love your son's sense of humour!My daughters also think I dote too much on the male offspring...not true...I'm an equal opportunity doter....if it's funny I laugh..

  4. Loved this story!

  5. Oh, I don't think she shows favouritism!

  6. That's a brilliant present! I could use that for my neighbours.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Isabelle! Enjoy the break from the stewed-ants.

  7. This should be issued from all real estate agents upon setting up of any shared accommodation. Fabulous.

  8. Now THAT is a useful gift.