Friday, April 20, 2007

Life goes on

I’m feeling a bit – hmm. It’s been a busy week – back to work on Tuesday, feeling that I hadn’t had a holiday. Yes, I know: no one apart from teachers gets two weeks off at Easter. And of course those terrible events in Virginia cast a long shadow over all the world. My heart goes out to all those bereaved parents.

While my dad's life was drawing to a close, our son spent a lot of time at his bedside, and the contrast between my dad - 87 and almost finished - and the boy - 22 and glowing with health -was both poignant and comforting.

His girlfriend took this picture of him on his phone a few days ago. I saw it and liked it, so he emailed it to me, entitled, "Some bloke with a big elbow". He's a cheering lad.

Daughter 2 came home from work with a huge bunch of flowers for me: daffodils and tulips and roses. She's a darling too.

I spent all Monday battling with the weeds in my mother’s garden. It has been much neglected of recent months. She’s supposed to have a chap who comes to tidy it once a week, but he seems to have vanished. Five hours’ work improved about 20% of it. Then I had my evening class after work on Tuesday, choir on Wednesday evening, another evening duty at college last night. Lots of visits to my mum, and three nights spent in her house. Tomorrow I must visit my elder’s district in the morning and on Sunday, the choir is rehearsing all afternoon and performing in the evening.

Haydn’s “Creation”. Glorious music. Wednesday’s practice was the first with the orchestra and soloists. The tenor was a young Oriental chap with a beautiful, soaring voice. I found myself walking up the road beside him afterwards and said how much I’d enjoyed his singing. “Oh,” he said, “I’m really exhausted. It was such hard work.” I’d just been thinking how fantastic it would be to be able to open one’s mouth and hear such a sublime sound emerge. Of course, it should be obvious that anything that wonderful isn’t achieved without effort. But it sounded effortless. Balm to the soul.

I haven’t had much time to read my usual blogs apart from the odd one at lunchtime, at work, and for some reason I don’t seem to be able to comment on them there. I don’t think the weekend is going to have a lot of time to spare either. But I shall get back on track eventually. Hello to all blog friends, and especially to those lurkers in Dublin, Norfolk, Ohio, New Jersey... and of course, Salford.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling hmmm.

    After my essay is in, I will come and help you weed-whack for Granny...


  2. Isabelle,
    it is always wonderful reading your thoughts. Your family are just lovely, and the garden sounds such a haven.
    I am inspired to drag out Haydns "Creation" now.

    I have an Opera Singer next door, and believe me, she is a tiny and beautiful creature, but she has such amazing muscles. And she sings for two hours minimum every day.

  3. Oh Isabelle. It sounds like you need a vacation! It also sounds like you have wonderful children. Your son is a cutie and looks to have weathered having two older sisters very well. And be sure and tell him what an attractive elbow he has! My oldest son is also 22 and interested in medicine. Hmmm. Oh, and Scruffy is waiting for you to get a cat, so he can have a pen (blog) pal in Scotland. ;-)

  4. Does your family think your son looks like his grandfather? In this picture I think he does. Nice looking fellow. Sounds like you need a vacation in Florida. I could put some fresh linen on the bed in the guest room.....!

  5. Where has the week gone? I love the photo of your son, Isabelle. Never mind all the activities you have on the go, and work, you still need to give yourself time to grieve. It is very early days, and it saps the energy from your bones.
    I have sung the Creation, and I just loved it. The music lifts the soul.
    I really hope you have time to rest this weekend. Take care.

  6. You're right. We forget how hard people are working when they make things look effortless.

    I love the title of the photo. I'm on dialup so it took a while to download - I was hanging out to see it.

    Take care Isabelle, and good luck with your mother's garden.

  7. Lovely boy with even lovelier elbow. I have a 20 year old daughter hmmmm ....... she could do with a little nudging .....

  8. I've put a link to your blog on my site Isabelle.. I hope that's ok. You're witty & your blog is pretty. Cheers from a non-lurker.

  9. you never mention the lurker in Sweden? funny that - cos I enjoy your blog are so .........normal :0)

    I am sorry about your loss - you do have a super family though - enjoy every minute

    love Sara