Saturday, April 21, 2007

That bloke again

I have marking to do. Naturally, therefore, I'm looking for some displacement activity.

Thank you for your kind admiration of my boy and his elbow. Actually, he sent me three cheering photos in the Some Bloke series, of which I blogged only the one. I now offer you, above:

Some Bloke with Sheepcat (not so good of the Bloke but splendid, I think you’ll agree, of the Cat. Does he have any bones? Or is he simply stuffed? By the way, there is now a Sheepcat Appreciation Society on Facebook).

And finally:

Some Scary Bloke. (He was at a fancy dress party. You may have guessed that. He looks in this photo as if he has a big bulgy nose, but actually he doesn't. The elbow phenomenon again. Neither does he have a tiny right arm. )

Marking, here I come.


  1. Oh Yay! I love it when you have marking to do -- that means we'll soon be entertained with some of your readings! And lovely pics once again of your son. I'm going to tell my boys to check out the Sheepcat Appreciation Society! ;-)

  2. Good looking lad your son! Procrastination .... no it's not ... it's just working up to the appropriate mind set!

  3. I like sheepcat making appearances! He is whetting our appetite for a pet.. we are hoping to get a cat later in the year.

  4. What a lovely son you have! He looks like fun, & if he loves cats he must be wonderful.

  5. Lovely lad ... even lovelier elbows. Procrastination ...aaah ...but for it my toilets would never get cleaned.

  6. This lad is beautiful. You might have a rush of offers if you keep posting him!

    Hope you completed your marking. It rained here, which is a wonderful event, and I managed to write a whole page of my paper. Utter nonsense, naturally, but nonetheless ....

    Your thoughts are a nice diversion!

  7. You're right, Sheepcat is spectacular! (and your son is pretty nice too!)

    Now stop reading this and get back to work!!

  8. Love the photos Isabelle. Thank goodness for marking - I enjoyed your displacement activity.

  9. Of course I luuurve the Pirate Costume! :)