Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holiday in the Borders

We're back. This was our cottage. We had a very nice time.

This was the view from our sitting room window. We are now quite expert in the habits of sheep.

This was our one sunny day - we visited Melrose Abbey.
This is the garden at Floors Castle. I want it. Do you think it's too late to marry into the aristocracy?
Back in due course.
(The kittens (left in the charge of Daughter 2, her aspiring actor boyfriend and Son) missed us, of course. They've now learnt to run along the work surfaces in the kitchen. Lack of discipline in our absence, that's the problem.)
PS - I've been catching up with blogs written by people who commented while I've been away, and for some reason I can't manage to comment in return on some: Aunty Evil, Meggie, Rosemary Grace and Connie so far. Others have been fine. So hello and thanks for the comments, you four. I remember this happened once before and I found a cunning way round it, but senile decay has set in and I can't remember what this was. Any suggestions, anyone?


  1. I want it too. And the gardeners that obviuosly come with it. Did it rain? Or is that a ridiculous question? My plans for an Ark seem to be a good idea. (But I am on holiday at last, and who cares what the weather does! I can flop.)

  2. Who knows?? Watch this space! Leaping off cliffs is becomign a speciality!

  3. Gorgeous pics and places!

    Sorry you can't comment on my blog, I have wondered why!

    Cannot offer any solutions though, but keep visiting anyway, I will just make up in my head what I think you are saying! :)

  4. Ditto to Aunty Evil. No idea why you cant comment, I am severely challenged about Blogger!
    I loved all your pics, & love that gracious green garden. Glad you had a nice break.
    Now back to disciplining the kitties!

  5. Anonymous1:01 am

    What a gorgeous place to holiday! I'm sure it's not too late for look for a peer! Find a doddery old one for me and I may join you.

  6. So glad you have returned and glad you had a good time. We just returned from the wedding reception and we stopped for dessert and coffee. There wasn't wedding cake... strange! Boyd's in the hotel pool and I'm on our wireless laptop trying to read comments, make comments,etc. I've been getting emails from people about the same problem of not being able to make comments to me. What's going on??

  7. Beautiful photos. They capture that really lush green-ness that I was so struck by when I travelled round the UK; so different to the more silvery-grey greens of Australia

  8. Nice post, you could print that sheep one and sell it to insomniacs!
    Many people seem to be slowing down the blogging activities, I'm still trying to catch up.

  9. Glad you're back! The cottage looks perfect -- especially with the view. And no, it's not too late to marry aristocracy. If you figure out how to manage it, would you please share?

  10. Good luck with getting the kittens back under control.

    Love the photos. I'm interested to hear about these sheep habits in which you've developed expertise. Does this mean that you and your hubby follow each other from one corner of the paddock to the other? Or do you unexpectedly run out in front of cars because the grass is so much greener on the other side of the road?

  11. Thank you for sharing these photos. It looks like a marvelous vacation.

    I, too, greatly admire those gardens; my brain tricked me into imagining a faint scent of roses when I saw the photo.

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