Thursday, July 31, 2008

A gardening tip and a black cat

Thank you for all your kind sympathy after my shameless demand for it. I shall try to stiffen my upper lip for a while now. No guarantees, though.

I was listening to the radio yesterday, to a programme called “Gardeners’ Question Time”. The premise of the show is simple: people ask questions and expert gardeners answer these questions. For a change, yesterday, an audience member produced a piece of advice on how to remove pondweed from your garden pond.

What you should do, she said, is fall into the pond wearing nothing but a white towelling dressing gown. You then scramble out and will find that your dressing gown has attracted most of the weed to it. You look, she said, like a green giant. The slight disadvantage is that you have to take off the dressing gown in your garden, since otherwise you’d make a big pondwatery/weedy mess in your house, but as long as your neighbours are broadminded, this is all right. Then, since you were just having a little potter in the garden after having had a shower and before dressing to go out to dinner, you have to get in the shower again. But it’s effective for the pondweed.

Maybe my lily-of-the-valley problems aren’t so bad.


  1. I'm glad i have no pond or pondweed! Lol.

  2. ROFLMAO!!!! Did someone really say all that over the radio?? Why is it that people from the U.K. are so much funnier than just about anyone else on the planet? (Is Scotland included in the UK...sorry - that sounds so ignorant. Like an Englishman asking if Tasmania is part of Australia...)

  3. Molly once fell in a pond full of pondweed, I think she thought she could walk on it. I couldn't believe how covered she was,and thought it would be awful to have her in the car, but she ran around in the sun and rolled on the grass and it all disappeared!

    Not as much fun as disrobing on the lawn like Venus rising from her waterhole, mind! If I did that round here though, no one would see me anyway...

    Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

  4. Oh no! That stuff is SLIMY too! We used to twizzle a bamboo stake around in it and pull out big gobs, then chase each other around the garden with it. Gardener's Question Time is so soothing, I liked watching gardening programs with my parents on TV too.

  5. I dont have a pond Thank goodness.Your garden will grow and all your worries will go .
    Hugs Mary.

  6. I like her logic. I wonder if she has a blog.........!

  7. Erm, did she explain what she was doing out by the pond in her dressing gown, post-shower and pre-dressing for dinner? Is there some secret feminine element to getting ready to go out that I have missed?

  8. Loth - she was a bit early to get dressed so she took a stick and was just twizzling some pondweed out and then... ooops!

    Doesn't everyone clear his/her pond before going out to dinner?

  9. I used to listen to GQT from my youngest years...

    ... nowadays, not having a telly, I keep Radio 4 on nearly all the time, so I miss nary an instalment...

    but what is this great jokey thing they're doing all the time now... members of the public talk like they're auditioning for a part on the panel... rude jokes abound... why oh why oh why?... what is Radio 4 coming to..>?!?! I demand to know!!

  10. I 4got to tell you I once had a black cat v similar in looks to that pictured...

    here is my reply I posted chez moi to your reponse

    alors: francais sans accents!!!

    no I do NOT have a garden though I wish I had at least space for some POTS... I listen to Gardener's Question Time basically by default... though I do think they've got a bit "boundary-pushing" in recent times... know what I mean? Or am I just more of a fogey than a lot of the pensioners from the allotment societies..??

  11. So glad that wasn't me! Dont have a pond, nor weed.