Sunday, July 20, 2008

Like a bad penny

We're back! We spent the first week near here - above - ah, the British summer! - that's the road, by the way, bending back on itself along the line of rocks to the left of the wing mirror and then trickling down the hillside above the stream - it was quite an exciting drive -

and the second here, in much more relaxing landscape.
Today (or strictly speaking yesterday) we drove back. To be more accurate, Mr Life drove back and I sat there going -"Aaah!" every now and then as cars and lorries hurtled past us on the motorway or sometimes as we whizzed past them. I'm a nervous passenger, expecting death any second, and what would the children do without us?
We didn't get back till after 9 pm, and I'm at the stage of being tired and brain dead but unable to sleep, though it's nearly 2 am.
We had a good time, but I do like home. I quite like being away for about ten days but after that I want to go home. Especially, in this case, as Daughter 2 and our son and our cats were there and I missed them all a lot. Daughter 1 and her husband were with us the first week, which was nice.
Thank you for all your kind birthday and other wishes. I can't wait to find out what you've all been up to in my absence - nothing unseemly, I trust - but feel I should go and read something boring (which wouldn't be your blogs) and try to get to sleep.
Watch this space for more exciting holiday snaps soon.


  1. Welcome home! It is always lovely to walk in the door, isn't it!
    I can't wait to see more pics of your holidays!

  2. Welcome Home I love photos Love Scotland so much I miss it The photos made me feel like I was home.
    Hugs Mary.

  3. Well about time!--- now back to your blogging duties please ---first off we need cat and garden updates!

  4. Welcome home to you too!

  5. Welcome back and belated happy birthday. Your birthday is on the same day as my wedding anniversary: we always call it "Loss of Independence Day". And belated congratulations to your son on his graduation. I too remember being biffed on the head by John Knox's trousers. I am sure the number of female lawyers and doctors graduating have him revolving at high speed in his grave!

  6. Yay! You're back! Is that first picture from that really cool, very skinny road that runs high up and I can't remember the name of it LOL. I seem to remember the start of it being very near the town where Dove Cottage is and it runs to the east? Darn it -- I need my trip diary and I'm away on travel so I can't get to it! Anyway, it looks like that very cool little drive that we stumbled upon and it was breathtakingly beautiful!

    So glad you're back!!!