Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy birthday to her

It was our darling Daughter 2's birthday this week. Here she is with her cake; her big sister gazes lovingly on. This weekend, Daughter 2 is down in Nottingham with her actor boyfriend at his parents' house. He hasn't worked for a while; or only the odd day. It's such a worry.

These were my piles of marking this morning. Left hand pile: done. Right hand pile: not done. However, I've done a lot more today. The effect of darkness outside is just because I used flash. The sun in Edinburgh rose at 4.31 am this morning and won't set till 9.53 pm and I'm certainly not keen enough on marking to rise at 4 am. I love the long light days, though, which make the dark days of winter worthwhile.

I cut this perfect rose and have it on the table as I mark, to remind me that after next Wednesday I can get back into the garden.
81 scripts to go. I'm off to do another 20 this evening. Don't do anything too exciting without me, bloggie friends.


  1. Beautiful rose and daughter, Isabelle! :) Good luck finishing all the marking! The garden will be waiting! :))

  2. Hang in there with the marking - it's all downhill now!! Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes and of course beautiful Scottish skin - one of the positives from all that wetness and lack of sun!

  3. Your daughter's a cutie - happy birthday to her ☺

    Oh that marking - why is the to-do pile ALWAYS higher than the done pile, no matter how many hours you've worked?

    I am quite sure I will have a similar post to write in the next few days, as my students have to be finished their course on Monday.

    Good luck - and try to enjoy some of the weekend!

  4. Well, today I have done 2 loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher and supervised First Born's drum practice (I am learning drum notation by osmosis!) so I think it's fair to say your warning not to do anything exciting will not cause me any problems.

  5. I painted a wall (quarter of a room!) which I think is much more exciting than marking. But still not exciting enough....

    Happy birthday, Daughter no. 2.

  6. Happy birthday Daughter No 2Hope you had a lovely day Isabelle I am sure you will finish your marking soon and be able to get into your garden the rose is lovely.
    Hugs Mary.

  7. Wish your gorgeous daughter a happy birthday from me!

  8. Happy Birthday Sweet L!!! It looks like you're making good progress on your marking. I hope it was at least rainy today so you didn't want to be outside in the sunshine!

  9. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. And I hope the marking keeps going well.
    The rose is so beautiful - you are such a good gardener. I never had any luck with roses!
    Those long days sound incredible. I visited England in early November and was amazed when it started getting dark about 3 pm.

  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter. There's a quiet contentment in the looks of both your girls, worries about boyfriends notwithstanding.

    I don't envy your marking pile. I just can't imagine having to mark the work of others. I'm not sure whether I'd be tough or soft or just inconsistent.

  11. That rose is indeed beautiful.

    You didn't mention that as well as all this marking you have been cooking us Sunday tea and generally keeping us all going as you usually do...

    I feel the need to reassure your blogreaders that I (Daughter 1) do actually have hair.

  12. How lovely to have both daughters with you for a birthday celebration (though I'm sure you missed your son).

    No, we won't do anything too exciting without you (or if we do, we'll be sure to write fascinating posts based on our experiences, for your post-marking entertainment!)

  13. Your children are so beautiful; I hope you don't mind me saying but they always look very Scottish to me!

    If you'd just done one more, the left hand 'done' pile would have been bigger than the right hand 'undone' one...

    Good luck, just think of the garden!

  14. no no no, that's not how it works. Just because you're stuck inside markig, we can still go out and do thrilling and exciting stuff. Ha!

    So, waht thrilling and exciting stuff have I been up to....erm,, well I went to Manchester on Saturday ...erm, then sat on the sofa and watched the rain through the window for most of yesterday.

    Seems you're not missing much...

    Good luck with the marking.

    Lesley x

  15. Happy Birthday Beautiful Dauther 2.

    22 deg Celsius sounds just right, but certainly not hot by our standards!

  16. Goodness, I'm behind on reading blogs.

    A belated happy birthday to your DD2!

  17. Happy birthday to Daughter #2.