Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing daughter

This morning I was singing away to myself: a choral bit of the St Matthew Passion. Daughter 2 wandered past. She’d been painting the inside of her bedroom cupboard, since we’ve recently had painters doing up her room but they didn’t go inside the cupboard. She was wearing her father’s dungarees. He’s 6’1 and a half and she’s 5’5. They were more than a little baggy on her.

“Do a dance,” I suggested. I began to sing my bit of the St Matthew Passion. She immediately put her hands in the dungaree pockets, pushing them out to accentuate the bagginess, and did a little clown dance, gravely hopping from one foot to the other and sticking the spare leg out to the side. I finished singing. She bowed. Then she proceeded on her way.

And I thought: 1) how wonderful to have a child who knows exactly how to react to such a ridiculous request, and 2) presumably all families have their own eccentricities which they understand perfectly but which no one else ever sees.

I love her so much.

Bach might have thought it a bit odd.


  1. What a sweet post. I also cherish what I refer to as the secret language I share with my sisters ... little phrases and inside jokes that make us laugh.

  2. Bach was a musician with a lot of children, both of which qualify him for an appreciation of silly.

    The healthy families do, yes. In heaps.

    Lovely girl, with lovely cats.

  3. So cute. Yes, every family has it's eccentricities. But lately my daughter has taken to groaning and telling me to be quiet when I sing in the car (or worse, in public). She used to sing along and laugh. Ahhh... teenagers...

  4. I once had a bottle of body lotion explode onto my leg, I called Mum for help using up the excess (she has dry skin), figuring she'd scoop a handful off my leg, instead she put each cheek in the blob of lotion on my shin, said "thanks", and walked off, smoothing the stuff over her face.

    I love sharing such silliness with my husband.

  5. Daughter 2 is so sweet. And so are you. I can just imagine the two of you happily singing and dancing away. Was this to celebrate the end of marking and the beginning of summer???

  6. What a lovely looking trio. And to think she dances too! Did the cats also join in the capering?

  7. I'm sure all families do have their own eccentricities. I know we do:-)

  8. Yes, the Lovely Son is quite capable of rising to the heights of silliness too when we're in the mood. Little moments like these raise the spirits!

  9. I'm guessing that Bach would be so bowled over that a lady in 21st century Edinburgh would be singing his music, that the strange dance would just be the icing on the cake!!

  10. That is indeed a lovely post. A special bond like yours is a precious gift. I have a close bond with my MIL - we laugh and cry over the same things, we often read each other's mind when discussing something. Is it any wonder I love her son so much! Just a pity he doesn't agree with me that we need another black cat so we can have two like yours...Thank you for your comments on my blog today - I think you are a nice person too!

  11. Lovely.

    It is of moments like this that life is made.

  12. What a perfect moment of mother-daughter synchronicity. My eyes got all watery. You are a lucky woman Isabelle :-)

  13. What a lovely image, of singing and dancing to the St Matthew Passion. My children used to get so embarrassed when I'd walk with them along the street, singly softly to myself, and insist that I stopped.

  14. I think Bach would have been as enchanted as the singing mum :) He probably had a good sense of humour, and he was more than a little eccentric, I'm sure.
    It's just the sort of thing our oldest daughter would do.
    I love the silly moments.
    So sweet. Thanks for sharing.
    The picture is lovely too.
    I had lots of fun reading back through your posts. Wish I had time to comment on each of them.
    I always love reading your thoughts, Isabelle.
    Love your sense of humour.
    Did you get a cat/house sitter for the weekend you'll be away? I'd love the job, but it's a bit far to come I'm afraid.
    I wonder if you could pop over and help me with the garden. It's a bit overwhelming at the moment. Yours sounds much more manageable.
    If mine weren't so much work I'd have more time to visit my favorite blog friend!

  15. I meant to say blog friends, but left off the 's'...just so you won't think I'm trying to butter you up or something :)

  16. What a totally gorgeous visual post!