Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost for words - well, almost

I've had a busy week, out every night (rather boring church meeting, teaching evening class, choir, meal out with friends, printing church magazine) and work itself has been rather frazzling because of a difficult colleague - not to say having eleven classes, each with about twenty students, to teach every week; so was looking forward to going this morning with Son (home for the day), my mum and Daughter 1 to the Christmas fair at Hopetoun House - always a rather up-market affair.

Earlier in the week, a card had been put through our door saying that we should go and collect a parcel at the depot, since we'd been out when the deliverer had tried to deliver it. We couldn't think what it could be since we hadn't ordered anything and it was a bit early for a Christmas present. So we assumed it was something uninteresting such as a catalogue we hadn't requested for things we didn't want.

Anyway, this morning I was rapidly throwing some soup together (so that it would be ready at when we came home again at lunch time) when Mr Life returned from the depot with the parcel. For me. It had a return name and address and I recognised the name as belonging to Linds (

But how did she know my name and address?? I opened the parcel and found...

... this. (Not the sofa. The quilt.)

Look at it!

Isn't it beautiful? And doesn't it go nicely with our green and yellow living room?

I just couldn't imagine why and how she'd sent it to me. Then I read the card enclosed in it and light dawned. Some months ago, just before she became a granny, she had a blog competition to predict the date and time of the baby's birth. And I won it. And she said she'd think of a prize for me. And I assumed it would be a bar of chocolate or something. And I completely forgot about it.

And it's a beautiful quilt for snuggling under on a sofa!!!!!

Now this is becoming a bit of a habit for me, and I have to say it's a habit I really like. Some readers may remember that in October last year, Thimbleanna and Mr T from Indiana visited to cat-sit for us (and have a little holiday) and Thimbleanna brought a snuggle-quilt that she'd made for us then. Which bowled me over. It goes wonderfully well with our other sitting room, which is mainly blue.
Look. Twins! (Non-identical ones.) One for each room.

I am absolutely blown away by the generosity - not to say the talent and dedication - of both of these blog-friends. As my mum said, if she'd made something like that she wasn't sure if she'd manage to part with it - and I feel much the same. It was so kind to make something so beautiful and - heavens, time-consuming - for someone you don't know!
Anyway, thank you, Linds (and Thimbleanna - I still love yours too!) SO MUCH!
Wow. I don't know what else to say. And that doesn't often happen. Aren't people kind?


  1. And oh so generous. Lovely.

  2. Congratulations on your gift! Linds is indeed talented and generous. :o)

    Hi from Arkansas, USA.


  3. I am glad you like it! Just mortified it took so long. Missy is 9 months old. Hmmm. I need to speed things up a little around here. I hope you enjoy snuggling under it!

  4. Isn't it lovely? Hooray for you and your friends!

  5. Well, we know how damp and chilly Bonnie Scotland is, and obviously Linds does too. Lovely quilt, lovely gift, lucky you!

  6. Wow! Not only but also...having two of anything is always better than one!

  7. Aren't bloggers the best people in the world?

  8. Oh yes...bloggers are indeed a generous bunch of people. Congratulations on winning this beautiful prize! I had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago with an online craft group (not bloggers) I belonged to. All the other ladies did patchwork except me, and one day out of the blue I received a quilt in the mail. I will always treasure it, even though I'm no longer in touch with any of the ladies who made it.

  9. How lovely. And a surprise parcel is the very nicest kind to receive - even if you miss the postman and have to go and fetch it yourself!

  10. What a delightful surprise! Such a beautiful quilt. I love the pattern and colours. Linds is very clever, and very generous. I must say you have some talented and kind blog friends. Isn't it wonderful the friends we meet through blogging?
    And lucky you to have 2 gorgeous quilts to snuggle under....with the kitties, of course :)

  11. Gorgeous. Bloggy people are just the best.

  12. How Fun! Especially that Linds color coordinated with everything - your new quilt is just beautiful! And don't pay attention to what Gina E. said about not staying in touch -- we must!!!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! She's amazing.

  14. Well Isabelle... you are indeed a lucky gal!! And you deserve all that you receive! You give so much to others through your blog and your comments!! You are a NICE person to know!

  15. Bloggers are indeed the best. And Linds is apologising for 9 months to make that!

    You were asking after an old friend. Now resurgent at

    -asked me to let you know!

  16. Very beautiful, I love it. and thank you for visiting my blog too, I hope you will come again.

  17. Ouch Thimbleanna! The reason I'm not in touch with any of the ladies who made my quilt are because two of them have since died, and the others have moved house and are not online any more!