Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comings and goings

Son came home for a few days, which was nice,
and had some cat time

while Daughter 2 organised us into a game of Articulate

which Son-in-Law won despite spending quite a lot of his time reading. Daughter 1 combined playing the game and knitting socks. She is a sock-knitting machine.

Cassie decided that the chair occupied by Son's girlfriend was the one she wanted, so she climbed up on it and gradually nudged S's gf out of the way. The queen leans over her balcony. Wave wave.

And now it's just Mr Life and I. And these nice hyacinths. I love the scent of hyacinths, which always transports me back to primary school. Primary teachers tended to have hyacinths growing on window-shelves in spring time to teach us about the wonders of nature. Which it did.
Not that I particularly liked school. But I do like hyacinths.
And so life goes on.


  1. What a lovely peek into the life of The Lifes....I want to be a sock knitting machine!

  2. sock knitting needles are wicked looking things ... our teachers always had peas growing on the windowsills ... my grandkids don't have windowsills in their classrooms cuz there are no windows ... i would hate being stuck all day in a building with no windows

  3. Don't know about your school but at our they were always planted in a clear vase so that we could see the roots too. Zxx

  4. Sock knitting machine? Sounds great to have one of those in the family!

    I've becoming a knitting puller-out machine. Novice knitting and having the Iraq Inquiry on tv don't mix well.

  5. What with socks and shawls your daughter is full of talent. Those hyacinths are gorgeous. Here the ferocious heat is doing its best to kill my plants, and I fear for the surviving fuchsia.
    I like the cane back of the chair, too.

  6. Really? I would have pictured you as one who loved school. I loved it -- the learning part that is, not the social part -- kids are brats LOL!

    It looks like you've had a wonderful time with the Life children. The front of SIL's magazine looks almost like an AU quilting magazine. And we must get DD1 to post her socks. Tell her that her adoring fans are waiting to see them!

  7. Family, socks, games, cats and blue hyacinths...bliss.

  8. We had geraniums on the windowsills at nursery school. I have only to smell that peppery, catty smell to be right back in front of Mrs Jerome and her flashcards, learning to read. Hyacinths would have been nicer.
    Love the way cats 'remove' people from chairs then look smug.

  9. Okay, I have a question. How can you have both a beautifully decorated house, with ornaments and tables with cloths on them and hyacinths AND two cats? I have the two cats now and spend most of my time moving things out of reach and stopping them from attacking things that take their fancy. We had to pull Zyra out of the chimney this morning. What's your secret?

  10. That cat is a hoot!

  11. Looking at your pictures, my Munchkin is bouncing up and down in my lap, chanting 'dittydittyditty'. Your Cassie impresses her ;)

  12. Mmmmmm...hyacinths. Lovely! I don't have any inside so will have to wait for spring to experience that wonderful scent.
    I'm glad you had some happy family time. Always enjoy seeing your candid shots.
    Cats know what they want! :)

  13. I do love Hyacinths. I particularly love Grape Hyacinths.
    How lovely to have family home. Nothing gladdens a mother's heart more.