Sunday, January 17, 2010


I came home from teaching my evening class last week - 12-hour day, cue violins - to find Mr Life sitting on the sofa in a relaxed frame of mind, watching television.

The cats were also relaxed. I couldn't swear that they were paying much attention to the programme but they certainly seemed like cats with totally clear consciences as they lay snoozing in their baskets.

Even more relaxed was the mouse that I immediately noticed on the floor just inside the doorway. It was lying near the cats, who were studiously paying it no attention. It was not watching television; alas, I fear its watching days were over.

It seemed unlikely that none of the three of them - Mr Life, Cassie and Sirius - had noticed this unfortunate former mouse. However, they all claimed that this was so. Injured innocence was the expression on all three faces.

The expression on my face wasn't quite like that. Mr Life leapt up and removed the mouse.

The cats don't do this sort of thing much but when they do, they're his cats.

Of course, they deny responsibility. Have you ever seen two cats pointing at each other? - "It must have been him/her."

The mouse was saying nothing.


  1. The cats were being humble, not taking credit for their hunting feat. They were resting, content in a job well done.

  2. They obviously had a pact, all three---"Mum's the word!"

    So sorry to give the impression that I did not appreciate your crafty skills, Isabelle! I have been known to Open mouth, Insert foot, on more than one occasion, in the pursuit of comedy. Please forgive me! No slight was intended.....

  3. Hahaha! You're SO funny! Clearly, you're going to have to get Mr. Life to install a Mouse House, so that the poor little tyke has a place to run to, when the kitties are in hot pursuit!

  4. At first I thought that the mouse was still alive and the cats weren't doing their job...

    I'd far rather dead mice than lives ones. (Shudder.)

  5. Oh no, don't tell me this! We acquired two new members of the family today (details to be blogged shortly) and I don't want to think about mouse catching shenanigans! I think I will assume that Mr Life caught the mouse, that being his new hobby when you are out, and decided to plant the evidence on the cats. Yes, that's what happened.

  6. What a grand welcome home gift waiting for you...
    'Hi Personthatfeedsus, we just thought we'd contribute to the store cupboard'.

  7. ha ha ha! i HATE dead meeses! i have a trap that covers the body, but the tail still sticks out and it gives me the shudders ... still, i hate LIVE meeses even more

  8. LOL LOL!! Oh Isabelle, that is so funny! But not so funny for you afer a 12 hour day...Reminds me of one night when I came home from work and found bits of newspaper around the lounge room floor. The cat was nowhere to be seen and Ken was at the other end of the house. He said he came home and found the cat had been sick, and he nearly threw up himself, so he covered the messes with paper so I wouldn't walk in it when I came home!!

  9. Max proved his mouse catching prowess not long after we got him. I did blog a rather unforgettable Easter dinner I hosted when, as dinner preprarations were approaching a crescendo, Maxie came loping up the stairs from the basement and spit a live mouse out on the floor of the front room in front of the guests.

    At least yours had already passed on.

  10. Very large tabby cat belonging to a friend once lugged in a cooked leg of lamb through the cat flap! She later found that someone in their block of flats had left it cooling on a window sill! (she didn't own up).
    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog.

  11. Don't you know dead mice are PRESENTS, silly?

  12. Its a conspiracy.

    They just want you to get another feline.

    I suggest you get a canine.

    That will sort them out.

  13. A Prize offering, I am thinking. They just let you guess which was the clever giftee!