Monday, December 06, 2010


Email from student today.

Subject: Slightly panicking is an understatement

I'm currently in the middle of a panic attack and I've just realised you won't get this email until tomorrow but I haven't handed in my reflective essay because

a) the college was closed,
b) emailing it to you would do funny things to the layout and
c) I possibly may have forgotten about it due to the extreme weather.

If perhaps you were to find my essay hidden amongst paperwork on your desk and a box of chocolates just appeared there as-if-by-magic would you consider accepting the essay?

As if I'd be tempted by a bribe! Although...

I particularly like the bit that says I may have forgotten about it due to the extreme weather.

It's all right, though. She can have an extension.

It snowed heavily again today. The students were sent home at midday because Edinburgh buses had been taken off the roads, though since this is the day when I have fewest classes, I stayed on till twenty to four to get on with things. Then I slosh-slipped home, three miles through deep slush.

Tomorrow? Who knows.

I'm getting a tiny bit fed up with all this. Come on, weather gods. Send us some nice warm rain.


  1. That's a jolly good extension request, I must say. I hope when she hands it in, she gives you the chocolates as a thank you, much better than giving out bribes!

  2. We have warm you want some?

  3. It was a very good try!
    The weather, though, does sound somewhat overdone.
    Over here, it is warm and humid, with rain forecast, and floods covering much of the state.
    If it is not one thing, it is another, I sagely (and doubtless irritatingly) add.

  4. We've had the warm, then the rain and now the not so warm.

    Just thought I would pop in and say hello, hope you understand that despite my lack of comments I still read your entries and enjoy them:-)

  5. Ewwww. Not warm rain on top of all your beautiful snow! Sounds like you have a wonderful student there -- chocolate trumps all LOL! It's snowing here too, although we have a paltry inch or two -- nothing compared to your massive dumping! Grab Mr. Life and go out there and build a snowman!!! ;-D

  6. That sounds like a fun student!

    Edinburgh, Glasgow and all roads in between are featuring constantly on the national news - you have my sympathies for your awful weather!

  7. You stayed on until TWENTY TO FOUR?!! You mean, you were at work for a WHOLE DAY?!

  8. Well... twenty to four isn't QUITE a whole day, but, you know. We try. Envy is a very low emotion, Fran.

  9. As you well know, Isabelle, we only get warm rain in high summer in Edinburgh!