Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas dightdightdights

Daughter 2 gave us a flat-pack locomotive.
Mr Life rose to the challenge.
Less imaginatively, we gave her a chocolate snowman and teddy.
Daughter 1, SIL 1 and Grandson came to lunch. Grandson played with his stones...
... and did a lot of hiding under the table.
He liked the Christmas tree. "Dight!" he said. "Dight! Dight! Hello Gah! Dightdight!" Surprisingly, he just fingered the ornaments rather than pulling them off. "("Ball! Ball! Ball!")
When he touches something I don't want him to, I tend to go "Ah-ah-ah!" and he's developed a habit of reaching out to a forbidden object and then murmuring to himself "Ah-ah-ah" before withdrawing his hand. I wish I could persuade the cats to self-regulate in this convenient way. Someone has scratched our bedroom wallpaper and it wasn't Grandson. Mind you, someone else left the door open and it wasn't me. Or Grandson. He can't reach the handle.
Daughter 1 is making a blanket of granny squares for his little sister, Volume 2. She put it round him like a robe. He wandered around in kingly fashion.
It's not really just over a week till Christmas, is it? Oh dear. Tomorrow is free-ish (in other words, must be crammed with myriad activities) then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we have Grandson. I'm out Tuesday evening, tutoring a friend's son on Wednesday evening, out to lunch on Friday and rehearsing on Saturday morning for our choir carol service, which is on Saturday night. Meanwhile, my brother and his family arrive to stay on Saturday. Is everything organised for Christmas?
Well... .
Better get on.


  1. Och, I arrive on Friday though, so Dad and I have all day Saturday to rush round getting things ready! Can't wait. xxx

  2. Aren't you wondering how you ever managed to fit in working?
    This retired life sound wonderfully busy.