Sunday, December 23, 2012

Past twelve o'clock...

Today's advent presents: hers to us, above. Yes, it's a fold-out polar bear, though you wouldn't guess this from my truly awful photo.

Ours to her: an apple filled with jelly beans.

It's been a busy day: choir rehearsal all morning, performance all evening. Carol services just before Christmas - whose idea was that? January would be a more convenient time, if not so seasonal. Then my brother and his wife, son and daughter arrived in the early evening (in my absence, but Mr Life and other family members held the fort) so at the moment the house is full of nine of us: Daughter 2 and also Son and Daughter-in-Law are here. And the cats.

This still feels like the 22nd to me but in fact it's the 23rd so I'm off to have my bath. Sleep well!


  1. A house full of family, what better Christmas present could you have!

  2. Our household is expanding and contracting too, but we won't reach nine! The sleeping arrangements are giving cause for some anxiety with seven.

  3. Now you've got me singing that!

    Happy Christmas to you and all the Lifers!