Monday, February 11, 2013

All change

As long-time bloggy friends may possibly remember, this was the office building - modern but prize-winning and beautiful inside - where Mr Life worked for some years. It was for sale for a long time and then eventually...

 ... it got demolished.

It was sad to see it being destroyed. That was two years ago. The site was then for sale, but with the economy in the state it's in, remained undeveloped.

 Until this week. This is what it looked like from the main road when the office was there...

 ... and this was it today - dumper trucks were adding to that mini-mountain of earth all day. I hope the wall is strong enough to hold it up. There are going to be flats and town-houses on the site. Maybe this is a good sign for the housing market in Edinburgh.

Back home, I enjoyed my little vase of spring flowers from the garden.

I would be tempted to go out into the garden with my trowel but though sunny, it was chilly today.

Son and Daughter-in-Law have been down in London since Friday, staying with Daughter 2 and Son-in-Law 2. The young doctors sat their very final exam on Saturday, in London. It was a practical exam with "patients" who had pretend, but difficult, illnesses and problems. For example, one "patient" wanted an abortion without telling her husband. How is it that my little boy, who a few days ago (it seems to me) was much like Grandson, playing with toy cars and wearing vests that poppered under his nappy, now has to deal with situations like that? - not only in simulation, either.

And in the same blink of an eye, I've become a wrinkly old lady. Hmm.


  1. I got the letter about the 'free' travel insurance that comes with my bank account this week - but when I stopped and read it properly it was actually to tell me that I don't qualify any more because I'm too old! When did that happen?
    You must have some sheltered spots in your garden - the best I can manage is snowdrops about an inch high at the moment.

  2. Well maybe wrinkled but a lady with a giggling tomato so that's a bonus!

    Desperately hoping the miniature daffs and primroses will go on sale in the supermarket soon, need something bright in the house. Snow disappearing but howling gale here so glad to be inside!

  3. Isabelle, you have earned every wrinkle! Don't know about you, but I worked hard for mine......

  4. Yes, that passing of time is funny stuff, isn't it? One day, our almost Dr. son took us on a tour of his cadaver lab shortly after he started med school. I remember being very sad thinking that perhaps we'd made a mistake with this whole med school thing. We spent our whole life protecting him from seeing things that I wouldn't want anyone to have to see -- but Drs. have to see it every day. ;-(

  5. The wrinkles are unfortunate but there are compensations. Compensations that are short and squirmy and have skin like satin and can melt us with one hard stare!

  6. The acceleration of time as you get older must surely be a scientific fact? No?...oh well, grandchildren must surely be the plus side of the deal.

  7. Never look in the mirror when wearing specs. Works for me!