Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Choo-choos and things

This is the hall where we sang on Sunday. There was an audience by the evening, you understand. My photo was taken at the rehearsal. I've sung in it a few times now, starting with school concerts when I was, I suppose, 12. Hmm. Nearly 50 years ago.

I giggled a bit at the variety of comments about my piano wails. Gina may well be right that I should give up, but I want to be able to play the piano. And I can play it to some extent, which is enough to make me feel what it would be like to be better at it. It's just remarkably hard to coordinate the two hands while reading two lines of music and thinking about the dynamics as well. Sometimes I can do it.

But then if I couldn't read words and someone described reading - being able to recognise thousands of words very quickly - I would think that was impossible. And I'm really good at it! I suppose it took me a few years to become fluent and fast.

We took Grandson to the bit of the museum which has trains. He was VERY interested.

Mr Life pointed out the salient features of this engine. Grandson seemed amazed at its size.

There were buttons to press to make wheels go round - handily at Grandson level. Here he is, pressing away.

How lovely to be one and a half, when the world is so full of a number of things and you can assume that everyone adores you.


  1. Ah, but everyone does love him! And how fun for Grandpa to take that little boy to see trains.

    I'm thinking I shall reserve comment on the differences in reading and playing the piano. You know, to keep hope alive!

  2. And while grandpa and cute little grandson are examining the finer points of choo-choos can we hope you might soon be rocking his little sister in your grandmotherly arms? Every day I wonder...any news?

  3. Oh my goodness! Seeing these pics gave me a flashback to when I was about 8 years old and visited a museum somewhere in Scotland. I remember it had buttons to make engines move too...I wonder if it could be the same one!?

    I checked in to see if there was any news on the publication of Volume Two!

  4. I can see a visit to the Railway Museum at York being a big hit when Grandson is just a bit bigger! What IS it about boys/men and trains?

    The piano playing must be very good for your brain. All that multisensory learning and co-ordination......Keep at it!

    Crossing fingers for some good news about Volume Two, very soon.

  5. I too keep waiting for news of Volume Two. And as for playing the piano, I do sympathise. I had a remarkable lack of talent, but switched to violin, which has only one line to play and therefore was not nearly as frustrating.
    How was the concert? The Verdi Requiem is fabulous to sing. It makes you glow all over.

  6. Lizzie T4:37 pm

    The Piano: I'd say only give up if you're not enjoying it - otherwise keep going!
    With regard to playing a piece better and then worse, I've noticed the same thing with the instrument I'm learning (clarinet).
    I think it's because when you think you've got it under your belt your concentration lapses a bit.

  7. Well, I guess if you really WANT to do it, keep up the practice. Your comments remind me of my art skills (or lack of them). I love painting and sketching, and while I am happy enough doodling with pencils, paints, pastels, etc. I feel I will never be as good as some of my artistic friends who paint the most beautiful landscapes and other scenes without much effort at all. So I keep enrolling in art classes and workshops, and occasionally I can see some improvement in my work. But it is taking a long time to get where I want to be.