Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Today Mr Life met me after piano and we wandered home by a circuitous route along the canal. This architecture, we observed, is very unEdinburgh: mainly modern flats.

It's probably very pleasant, however, to look out on the water from your living room.

We admired the half-barriers they've put there, presumably to discourage cyclists from whizzing too fast and ending up in the canal.

It looks almost rural at this bit. Actually it's not very far from the centre of town.

Crocuses opened their petals to the sun, though it was still rather chilly.

After leaving the canal we came upon these very new flats, which we'd only seen in the distance before today. We thought they were horrible.

To the right of this picture is Mr Life, reading a plaque on the wall which says that the buildings have won a Saltire Society award for architecture.

There's no accounting for taste. I really don't like orange, which doubtless prejudices me against them, and I'm not very keen on purple, the colour of the other panels - well, violet, though they look grey in the photos.

Maybe they're very nice inside. I sincerely hope so.

Can't help adding these photos for Nanny in Worcester. Granddaughter looks as if she's having lovely dream.

"Smile for Granny!" I said. So he did.


  1. Ugly flats---ugh! Gorgeous children!

  2. Horrible! Buildings in that shape, made of brick and much nicer are called flatiron buildings over here! Can't believe an award was won!

  3. Oh yes, those fancy colours are ghastly. We have some here, on my bus route to the city. Erk! And I think cyclists are more likely to knock over pedestrians than to fall into the canal.
    I am envious of your crocuses.

  4. Agree with you completely. I do NOT like modern art or architecture!

  5. Ugly, and look like they will fall to bits in 20 years. Lovely traditional stone buildings last hundreds of years, and look so much better.


  6. Those flats will not date or age well.

    Thank you for the pictures of the darling grandchildren. We needed a palate-cleanser (an eye-rinse?).

  7. I have to agree with you -- those flats aren't exactly beautiful. But the walk along the canal looks wonderful. And you recovered nicely by posting photos of the adorable babies!

  8. I hate modern architecture, I find it grotesque. Give me a lovely Georgian building or here in the States southern plantation.

  9. Well, I do like some modern architecture. Just not that.