Monday, April 15, 2013


We have been away in Wales.

On narrow gauge railway trains.

Such as this one.

To make the weekend slightly less train-heavy, we went to Bodnant Gardens this morning.

They were lovely. To my mind, even more lovely than trains. But it's a matter of taste.

On re-reading my previous post, I feel compelled (because I am a pedant) to point out that though "Go lights" may actually sound like a sentence (with the imperative verb "Go"), it actually isn't because "Go" is an adjective describing the lights. Just in case anyone thought I didn't know what a sentence is.

I do realise that no one thought about it for even an instant apart, possibly, from Fran.

I noticed us using various Scottish words over the last few days and jotted them down for your edification: stocious, perjink, drookit and shoogled. ( None of us was stocious or particularly perjink. We did get a bit drookit at one point. The trains shoogled. I trust that makes everything clear.)

Now I must go and do some piano practice because I didn't take the piano with us so couldn't do any while we were away. I feel a bit wappit, though.


  1. Narrow gauge trains......what fun!

  2. I know what stocius is....sadly.

  3. Oh fun -- you had a getaway! I thought maybe something was up, due to your absence. I trust you left the catlets in good hands. ;-D

  4. I want to take a trip on a steam engine train, we've looked every where for one. I want it to be an overnight trip. Your train looks great.
    Do I need a Scottish dictionary to start translating your Blog?

  5. LOL LOL!! Love those words!

  6. Love that Pre-Raphaelite shot of your daughter!

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