Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Branklyn again

On Easter Monday, we went with Daughter 2 to visit Son and Daughter-in-Law in Perth. S and DIL had a meeting in the morning so Daughter 2, Mr L and I visited Branklyn Gardens. I took a ridiculous number of photos because the spring blossoms are just wonderful - over-the-top frothiness and colour and oomph wherever you look. The viburnum above had the most amazing fragrance - it wafted through the air.

Such pinkness!

The rhododendrons are so happy here. You can feel them sighing in contentment.


 Lots more rhododendrons.

I've seen a lot of springs now but it always amazes me when the earth suddenly erupts in colour. I do sometimes wonder how many more I'll see (she said cheerfully. But you know: certainly fewer than I've seen up till now. Facts must be faced at least occasionally; and maybe I look at each spring with such wonder because, well, you never know... .

Fifty springs ago I was coming up for fourteen, and just making my subject choices for the rest of my school career: English, French, German, Latin, History, Maths. It now seems a bit early to make such decisions but that's the way it was then. However, I don't think that the world of science has greatly suffered for lack of my further input.)

Then we had lunch with S and DIL and raked the moss out of their lawn with Mr L's (bought last year) electric scarifier. Chaps do enjoy pushing a machine that makes a noise and produces big piles of stuff.


  1. ISABELLE!!! Smack on hand - don't talk like that. Consider yourself fortunate to be relatively healthy in your age group. Ken's oldest friend from their school days died on Monday - he was a year younger than Ken, with multiple health issues. Some people don't look after themselves in their early years, while others are just plain unlucky. I think you and I are among the lucky ones.

  2. PS The flowers are beautiful. How do those plants survive under all that snow you've just had over that side of the world?

  3. Snow? We've hardly had a flake of snow for the past two winters.

  4. Wonderful blossoms! The viburnum has such a heady perfume doesn`t it? Nature changes so quickly in spring so no wonder it makes us introspective. I hope we both have a few more springs to see!

    It is pouring with rain and chilly here today, so I hope you are faring better in the North.

  5. Ohhhh, viburnum, a big favourite! Thank you for the pictures, a British spring is just perfect........I miss them.

  6. Lovely photos! We have a Stella Viburnum in our garden - one of our favorites. 8-)

  7. In my ignorance of your part of the world, I have no idea how you escaped the snow that fell on parts of the UK that was on t.v. here for months!

  8. I think that must have been a previous year? or maybe a lot further north.

  9. You are so right about spring. Fewer ahead than behind makes us so grateful for each one we great. Your photos are great.

    I agree. We were too young to make such choices. I was just thinking how I should have taken more science and math also. I took Latin and French instead. Those choices helped me most on my pathway through life.

  10. Hmmm. I have no idea what a scarifier is -- it sounds scary LOL.

    I've been thinking about our limited days too. Just this morning I was talking to hubby -- he's always saying we have to wait to do X until Y happens -- but, it seems to me that the years are getting shorter, so we should seize the moments.

    Beautiful flower pictures! (Especially the one with Mr. Life and DD2!)