Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank you - and another question

Dear helpful commenters,

My technical assistant, Daughter 1, has now removed Sitemeter from my blog. Would those who kindly let me know that they did hear the pesky music (though most people didn't have the problem) now even more kindly let me know whether this has ceased?

Thanks a lot.


  1. Was it only me hearing the stuff Isabelle? although it has now gone...thank goodness for tech assistants eh?

  2. Yes, it worked. Silence reigns!

  3. I very rarely have the sound turned on my computer, as I only read stuff, not listen to music or watch videos. I'm on Firefox, so I don't know if there was music or not on your blog. Anyway, sounds as though you've fixed the problem.

  4. Awww, {sniff}{sniff} -- now you won't be able to check your stats. I always forget to check them but it's fun when I do -- I love to know what countries (continents) are visiting!