Friday, July 18, 2014

The camper van birthday

Dear little N was 3 yesterday. His other grandparents are visiting and they all came to tea, but since they didn't all fit in the car, Son-in-Law 1 and his father came by bus. There were presents to open, but he patiently waited until his dad and grandfather arrived before opening them. He and Granddaughter played happily with my polished stones. He will with justification be able to tell his children that when he was young he made his own amusement and played with (sticks and) stones.

He got various presents. One of them was ...

... a yellow camper van...

... - a companion piece to one of his favourite toys, which is a red camper van.

He forgot about the unopened presents for a while, though his little sister was quite interested in them.

He also got a scooter and was very serious in his attempts to ride it.

And then there was cake, made by his mum. He was extremely pleased to see it and very happy when we sang "Happy Birthday" ("Again!" - so we sang it again) and quite keen to eat it as well.

Inside it was chocolatey. It's amazing how babies who have never seen chocolate cake can still recognise it and reject their healthy raspberries till they get a bit of it.

Another satisfied customer.

And then when they all went away and we turned on the news, we learned about the awful attack on the Malaysian Airlines plane.

Nationalism. It's madness. People are people; what do labels matter? Kindness matters.

Scotland is having a referendum for independence in September and we will be voting No, for those very sorts of  reasons.


  1. Belated birthday wishes to N. I love his camper vans!!!

  2. Such sweet children. The cake is excellently exxecuted.

  3. Oh WOW! K did an amazing job on the cake -- I'll bet little N was thrilled. It looks like he had a wonderful birthday -- how fun!

    (I've been meaning to e-mail you and get the skinny on the referendum. We hear nothing about it here and I've wondered what it's all about!)

  4. My, how time flies....Another of our "little" grandsons turned ten yesterday. It's pretty scary how fast time goes by...Enjoy those two little people because before you know it they'll be big people!

  5. Happy Birthday Little N. 3 years passes very quickly. We fondly remember our brief few days in your lovely city and being in that very room when he was nearly 1 day old. )
    Lovely cake. I am surprised he wanted it cut up; but maybe the temptation of chocolate cake won out.
    Wee grand daughter is blossoming. I can see a likeness to you.

  6. Happy birthday wishes to young N! That's a great cake too. I'm with your granddaughter on chocolate, it comes before everything else in my book too.

  7. What a great cake.....and you are so right..kindness is the only thing that matters.

  8. What a fabulous cake! Such a lovely birthday party in a peaceful land, while around the world so many angry people make others lives a misery. Why can't they just get on with a regular job and home life like the majority of us?

  9. Send me your email (it's on my profile page)

  10. What a wonderful day!

    I remember having a lovely day out at Brands Hatch in 1979, the WT's company was sponsoring a car, then after the girls were in bed, we switched on the news to see the awful news about Earl Mountbatten and his family and crew.