Saturday, April 11, 2015

A couple of little outings to fill in the time...

Daughter 1 and family are still down south (with our car) so there seems to be a lot of spare time. The other day we took a walk up Corstorphine Hill, which is just along the road from where we live.  This is the rather fine view over one of the golf courses. You can see Arthur's Seat in the distance, our highest city hill. I love that skyline. It's so recognisably Edinburgh.

And this is the other side of Corstorphine Hill, with the Pentlands in the distance. 

Yesterday we took a trip across the river on a train.

 The weather was still warm.

We visited Kirkcaldy Art Gallery, which is not huge but which has some interesting pictures - mainly Scottish, but a few others including one Lowry. I can't say that I really get Lowry. Why is he good? - his little stick men? 

Kirkcaldy does very bright municipal planting, which I found very cheering, though not subtle.

We took a walk in the town, passing one of the houses that Mr L lived in when a boy, and paying homage (above) to 286 High Street, where my great-grandfather was apprenticed as a painter and paper hanger in 1867. I'm not sure that this building (now Murray Properties) is that old, though it might be. We waved vaguely to Great-Grandpa anyway. He died at 40 in 1900, poor chap, leaving a widow and seven children. That must have been tough.

I made Grandson a little pinafore (apron) out of the spare bit from his curtains. Can't wait to see him and Granddaughter again! - not to say their parents.


  1. That fabric could not be more ideally suited to grandson's interests. He's going to be very pleased with it.

  2. Ever tempted by golf?? There must be some great courses nearby?? (Hark at me with tunnel vision!)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the grandchildren back and pottering round your house and garden, they're such nice, interesting little ones (through the prism of your blog anyway but I'm sure in real life too).

    Lesley xx

  3. I do enjoy glimpses of your life! You brought back memories of the last time I was in Edinburgh in 2010...Our D.E, Stevenson group stayed in University housing just under Arthur's seat and I I remember my friend skyping with her husband in Olympia, Washington, and holding her laptop up to the window, saying, "Look Jack, just look at the view!"

  4. Hmmm, I have a few great-great-somethings that came over from Kircaldy in the mid-1800s -- do you think our ancestors knew each other? And sat around musing that someday their great-great-granddaughters would meet on-line LOL???

    One of my friends at work is coming to Edinburgh next week on a work trip -- it's killing me!!! Since she's been there before, she's planning on visiting Arthur's Seat and the Botanical Gardens this time.

    And I love the cute little apron -- can't wait until your babies are back!

  5. I have never understood the appeal of Lowry either; your grandchildren though are very appealing.