Thursday, April 09, 2015


Can you hear that? The sound of nothing much? That's what's happening around here. Daughter 1 and her husband and the grandchildren are down south visiting first the other grandparents and now Daughter 2, and it's v-e-r-y quiet in our house. Which is a bit ridiculous, since we don't see the grandchildren every day even when they're in town. Thursday is a day when we do see them, though, so I suppose I'm noticing their absence particularly.

I've been quilting my tumbler quilt - see above. Currently I'm just quilting round the insides of all the patterned tumblers, with the thought of putting motifs in some of the plain ones later. No doubt someone more ambitious would quilt wonderful feathers and flowers or beautiful trailing curves, but I think I'll be content with something simpler.

I've also been sewing this material into curtains for... guess who? Grandson has recently been bought a bed with a play space underneath, and Daughter 1 thought it would be nice for him to have it curtained off to make a little den... and to put things away at the end of the day. My niece gave me this material for Christmas so it's ideal for him.

And the weather's beautiful, the garden's looking good and shortly I'm going to drag Mr Life out for a walk up Corstorphine Hill to fill our lungs with air and refresh our souls with greenness and views of other hills.


  1. Oh, Grandson will LOVE that curtain! If you didn't make a curtain, I'd be making a quilt...
    I'm sure you didn't have to drag Mr Life out to go for a walk - he sounds like a person who is more than willing to go for a walk with his good wife at any time!

  2. The quilt is looking wonderful Pam! (It's so fun to type PAM now LOL) Simple quilting is definitely my favorite -- sometimes all that fancy quilting gets in the way and you can't see all the beautiful prints and piecing. IMHO, the quilting should be there to compliment the piecework. And I love that fabric for grandson -- I hope you'll show us a picture of his finished space!