Sunday, May 24, 2015



What excitement!

 "I'm hiding!"

Followed by a moment or two...

... of contemplation.

Oh, the joy of being little. Oh, the joy of having little people around. Also, oh, the exhaustion... .


  1. Just as well we had our own children when we were young......we wouldn't have the energy now! I love the beautiful glassware in your header picture.

  2. That's funny - I was watching a little girl playing with a bubble wand in the park earlier today. I so wanted to have a turn, but had to content myself with watching and smiling.

  3. This is exactly why I wish my son and dil would get on with having a baby ..... I have no energy now so what I will be like in a few years with a toddler around is scary!.

  4. Oh, what wonderful photos, especially the "I'm Hiding" one. Yes, joy! The parents can exercise the energy! (Well, that's my plan.)

  5. Oh how fun! And I love that Grandpa and Auntie are in on the action too!

  6. A lovely posting. I always have a bubble pot at home, I just never know when I might need them to lift my spirits.