Saturday, May 16, 2015

Flowers and books

On Tuesday we went up to Perth to have lunch with Son. Then we visited Branklyn Gardens, which are so colourful at this time of year, full of rhododendrons and azaleas...

... and mecanopsis, which are the colour of the sky on a sunny day.

And trilliums - so dainty and pretty.

This rhododendron is ridiculously pink. What a splash of colour.

I keep meaning to visit the garden at some other time of year; somehow we always go around this time but I imagine that it has other seasonal delights.

Son and his wife have sold their house and now need to find another one - still up north, alas. Daughter 1 and her husband are about to put their (Edinburgh) house on the market and look for another (Edinburgh) one too, so it's there's a lot of change on the horizon.

We haven't moved for 26 years and have accumulated a lot of stuff. Mr Life has just repainted the dining room, which involved (obviously) emptying it, including moving many, many books. We told each other that we'd get rid of some of them. Our ruthlessness isn't working very well so far: the charity shop pile currently contains about five books (and we have books in other places too). It's very difficult to part with lovely, interesting books. If I were going to live for another hundred years or so then I'd be able to reread all of mine, plus a reasonable number of new ones. As it is... .


  1. What a lovely garden - so many of those flowers won't grow here, our climate is too warm. I'm with you on books, you need to be ruthless........but it is difficult!

  2. We too have so many books that we would need another life to re-read them! The lifetime collection is going nowhere, but I am much more ruthless about passing on new, modern novels once I have read them. With a few exceptions......

    Lovely garden photos an good to see a mecanopsis in bloom. They don`t like our sandy soil.

    Good luck to your family with all the house moving plans.

  3. We've been in our current home 12 years and that's the longest we've ever lived in one house.

  4. Good Heavens Pam.... You DO get around! I have to admit that I have not been blogging much - and that also means that I have not been reading my favorite blogs much, either.... I have been using my tablet to do my daily catching-up, and blogging is done on my PC up in my workroom. I have just now read through 2 months of your posts and you really do a lot - and are SO GOOD about recording it for all of us to share. Now Edinburgh is working to the top of my list of places to visit! I really must take your example to heart and do much better at recording my activities.... Bot I don't do nearly as many fun things as you! I am stuck in Gardening mode just now....

  5. Boy Pam -- lots of visiting this month -- as it should be! I feel your pain with all the books (not to mention other things) -- I try and try to clean up, but just can't seem to part with stuff. What if I need it later? What if someday they make a movie out of "that" book and I need to re-read it??? It's pretty silly actually -- I could just go out and buy it again, but somehow my thinking doesn't work that way. Good Luck with the tidying!!!

  6. I don't think I have seen a flower so brilliantly BLUE! Love your photos of gardens and architecture. Sympathise with the book problem. We've been in our house for 36 years and are not going anywhere (hence the renovations). Neither of us would have the energy or the inclination to pack up and move at this stage of our lives!
    You didn't mention People's Friend magazine...maybe a bit below your standard of reading, lol!!

  7. I would really dislike having to move house, I am so settled here, but then, I was at the last place too.

    The Mecanopsis is gloriously blue, what a wonderful bloom.